Complaints Policy of Swiss Vans

Swiss Vans Ltd views complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person that has made the complaint.
Our policy is:

• To provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint
• To publicise the existence of our complaints procedure so that people know how to contact us to make a complaint
• To make sure everyone at Swiss Vans Ltd knows what to do if a complaint is received
• To make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way
• To make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired
• To gather information which helps us to improve what we do

Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of Swiss Vans Ltd.

Where Complaints Come From

Complaints may come from any person or organisation who has a legitimate interest in Swiss Vans Ltd.

A complaint can be received verbally, by phone, by email or in writing.


All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know and following any relevant data protection requirements.


Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the management committee.

Swiss Vans Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as such we have a duty to operate and provide services within the rules determined by them.

Should you have a complaint regarding the financial aspect of your agreement and are dissatisfied with our response, you might be eligible to refer your complaint to the financial ombudsman service

Financial Ombudsman Services details:

Financial Ombudsman Services
South Quay Plaza
183, Marsh Wall
E14 9SR
Tel: 0300 1239 123

In order to comply with legislation introduced on the 1st January 2007 we are obliged to provide the following information:

Company Name: Swiss Vans Ltd
Registered office: 31 Bocam Park, Pencoed CF35 5LJ
Registration number: 7170662 (Registered in England)
Contact email:
VAT number: 990119023

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