Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments [Step by Step Process]

Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments

Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments [Step by Step Process]

What is the process for claiming VAT on van lease payments? Can one claim VAT on a van lease or electric car? The complexity of the UK tax system comes with several questions, especially for small business owners. Although it frequently needs clarification, we have compiled the definitive guide to understanding VAT on leased cars.

Let us first address the most critical question you are undoubtedly asking: Can you get your VAT on car leasing reimbursed? Yes, you can get your money back for the VAT you paid on a car lease, but often you can only get back 50% of what you paid. Unless you can indicate there is no private use, such as a pool car, the 50% block is intended to cover the personal use of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, that is only the beginning, as claiming VAT on van lease payments involves several things. In this article, you will learn how to pay VAT on lease payments, the process of a VAT inspection, and VAT on electric cars.

Commercials Cars for Reclaiming VAT

If your company is VAT-registered, you can claim vat back on Ford Ranger Wildtrak or commercial cars used only for work. Each of these vehicles requires special consideration when reclaiming your VAT. These commercial cars include:

  • Motorcycles
  • Rear-seat vans (combi vans)
  • Automobiles and motor homes
  • Vans made from cars

You can reclaim the VAT paid on the following cars if they are only used for business purposes. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) permits ‘de minimis’ use of the vehicles if there is only intermittent use, but you must show it to HMRC. HMRC considers the planned private use of business vehicles. If there is a sizable personal use, it is imperative to:

  • Separate the tax part of the purchase and claim mileage spent for business.
  • According to the Lennartz principle, you should claim all input taxes and maintain track of output taxes throughout time.

HMRC Process of VAT Inspection

HMRC Process of VAT Inspection

You need to know the process HMRC uses to inspect VAT. While there are several options, HMRC will examine the commercial vehicle VAT reclaim while conducting the examination. If there is a complete claim on multipurpose vehicles, it will examine the degree of private use.

HMRC strictly regulates cars used for multiple purposes and may refuse to accept all or a portion of the VAT even if it has been fully refunded. Sometimes, HMRC will check to see if a direct tax benefit exists and may decide to deny full VAT recovery. However, if there is only infrequent use, you can fully recover the VAT.

Process of Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments

Leasing typically prevents you from reclaiming 50% of the VAT incurred for commercial activities because of the 50% block designated for private use. You may, however, claim the other 50% VAT levied on a company automobile lease, subject to the standard regulations.

The 50% block applies to all VAT on lease payments made under the lease agreement, comprising optional services. However, they must be listed separately on the tax invoice from the leasing supply.

Suppose the leased company cars are classified as pool cars, taxi taxis, driving school cars, or self-drive rental vehicles and are used by several employees and left on the business premises overnight and on weekends. In that case, you can also claim the full VAT on the finance component of the lease agreement.

However, you must prove that your vehicle satisfies those requirements. Regardless of if the vehicle is used for private transportation or if you decide not to take the VAT on fuel, you can still claim the VAT you received on maintenance and upkeeps as input tax peradventure the business paid for the service and if you use it for business.

Process of Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments

There are rules on claiming vat on van lease. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that only the lease component of the contract is covered by the 50% input tax block. If the maintenance fee is explicitly stated on the rental invoice, the maintenance component qualifies as a business expense entitles you to a refund of 100% of the applicable VAT.

Reclaiming VAT on the Purchase of a New Car

If you buy a new car only for business use, you can get back all the VAT paid. Everything is at stake. Therefore, no matter how little, you cannot claim any VAT back using the car for personal travel. Only a few businesses can recoup any VAT on new cars. Those successful in recovering VAT must prove that the vehicle has never been used for special purposes. While the process can be tedious, it is worth it, especially when reclaiming your VAT.

Claiming Vat on Van Lease Payments for Used Cars

Most of the time, even if an automobile is accessible for personal use, you can deduct 50% VAT you paid when leasing it. If you can show the following, you can recover all the VAT you paid on the lease:

  • The vehicle is only used for business purposes
  • You operate a taxi
  • You teach people how to driver

With these three pieces of evidence, you can fully reclaim your vet on used cars.

Reclaiming VAT on Used Automobiles

You can get any VAT you paid returned if the automobile is only used for business purposes, just like with VAT on new cars. The VAT receipt will detail the VAT you paid when purchasing the vehicle. Although some used car sellers’ function within the VAT margin program, no VAT will be imposed on the price.

Reclaiming VAT on Hired Vehicles

Reclaiming VAT on Hired Vehicles

In most situations, you could reclaim 50% of the VAT spent on the hire if you had to rent a car because your regular corporate vehicle was out of commission. You can receive 100% of the VAT refunded if you rent an automobile for other reasons and do not have a company vehicle if the following conditions are met:

  • You only hire for a maximum of ten days.
  • It is solely for commercial purposes; it is not for personal use.

Is it possible to claim VAT on Electric Cars?

Many individuals believe that distinct tax regulations apply to electric automobiles due to the current news and attitude shifting toward environmentally friendly means of transportation. Unfortunately, this is untrue because leasing an electric vehicle does not provide a VAT benefit. Electric cars are subject to the same 20% VAT as regular cars. This does not imply you cannot claim VAT on an electric car lease. It is conceivable, just like with other vehicles, if the claim satisfies the requirements for VAT on leased cars.

If a company car is used for any private purposes, no VAT can be reclaimed on the purchase of the vehicle. According to HMRC, a new car might have its full VAT paid back if not used for personal purposes. Strict criteria must be met to determine eligibility. However, 50% VAT on the leasing payment can typically be refunded when cars are leased or hired. No matter the type of vehicle leased—electric, hybrid, gas, or diesel—this rule applies.

Reclaiming VAT on repairs, Fuel, Maintenance, and Expenses

It is useful to know that you can recover 100% of the VAT you paid for repairs and upkeep if the car was used for business purposes and your company covered the costs. It does not matter if you use the vehicle for personal or professional purposes or if you opted not to claim the VAT back on business-related gasoline or diesel.

Reclaiming VAT on repairs, Fuel, Maintenance, and Expenses

The VAT you paid on managing your fleet and off-street parking is often refundable. Still, if you use the automobile for business and personal use, you can only get the VAT back on the portion related to your business. Some parking lots contain VAT, whereas others do not. You are responsible for confirming the parking lot you use. Remember that parking at meters is not subject to VAT.

When it comes to commercial fuel, VAT becomes tricky. If the VAT was only used for business, you might be eligible for a full refund. A good technique to keep track of the output tax on fuel purchased for business purposes but used privately is to pay a fuel scale charge and claim all the VAT. You might only be able to recover the VAT associated with fuel used for commercial purposes, in which situation you will have to keep thorough records.


We hope you feel well equipped to make a complete claim for the VAT you paid on commercial vehicles if certain requirements are met by HMRC standards. The restriction to claiming vat on van lease payments on those vehicles must be accepted if the vehicle is multipurpose and receives significant private use.

Of course, there are other factors to consider as well, but finding out if you can get the VAT on a company car reimbursed may prompt you to rethink your original choice and save you a significant sum of money.

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