Citroen Relay Luton 2020

Citroen Relay Luton 2020

Finance Lease

£3000 down 59 x £329 month £5500 final payment

Unlimited Milage

Reduce your final payment do more miles

Low Deposit

Deposits from just £250 down


Load Lok, extra tie rails, extra lights, tail lifts

Swiss have been selling the Citroen Relay Luton Van since 2012 and in fact we think we sold the very first one. The Relay hasnt changed much since then and is still the same great value vehicle. Back then we had to find a Luton Van Manufacturer to build the vehicles for us but these days Citroen Ready To Run Programme does it all for us.
The latest Citroen Relay Luton vans are built by good old JC Payne of Birmingham and we are really pleased with the quality and attention to detail.
The resale value on these is quite suprising and you may well see six year old 100K miles (claimed!) for £7000 used

2014 100K Citroen Relay Luton

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