Citroen Berlingo is UK’s best selling small van!

Citroen Berlingo is UK’s best selling small van!

The Citroen Berlingo has been consistently popular among Swiss Vans customers wanting a small van, most notably the Berlingo Enterprise model. They also do a larger L2 version similar to the Caddy Maxi 
Its ideal for local deliveries and has a wide range of single cab and kombi models available – and it would appear that the rest of the UK agrees!
Need something more robust? We have some Hilux just arrived!
Fiat and Citroen share many products. the Fiat Ducato is the same and the Relay

Citroen Berlingo – the only small van in the UK top 5

Van sales figures for 2013 have just been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and despite the first 4 places all belonging to medium to large vans, (a very predictable first place going again to the Ford Transit), figures show that fifth place goes to the nippy Citroen Berlingo, firmly establishing it as the best selling small van in the UK. It sells almost as well as the Ford Transit Limited
This is good news for Citroen Vans , who released the latest model in November.  Its about the same to lease as the ford Transit The new design represented a big investment for Citroen, and will cement this first place as the Citroen Berlingo now sports a refreshed modern exterior, even more economical engines and an increased payload for almost every van. Citroen Dispatch. More Berlingos does not do a sport version like ford
Citroën Berlingo

New improved engine offers even better Fuel Economy

Scott Michael, Citroen’s head of Commercial Vehicles & Business Centre Programme, said; “The latest changes to the Berlingo will enable this popular model to maintain its position at the top of the sales charts.   This year the Berlingo outsold all of its competitors in the up to 2.5-tonne GVW small van category, proof of its continuing popularity and versatility. Operators of both large and small fleets, appreciate the Berlingo’s excellent fuel economy of up to 62.8mpg, low running costs and wide choice of models.”
Citroën Berlingo

Here’s those top 5 results in full:




2013 Sales
















We are sure that with the latest models, the current deals at Swiss Vans and a slow but steady UK economic recovery, Citroen Berlingo is going to keep increasing their market share, and Swiss Vans are proud to have Citroen on board as a valued partner.

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