Choosing the Right Alloy Wheels for Your Van

Choosing the Right Alloy Wheels for Your Van

Customizing your van can readily transform it from a common van to one that exudes your character and individuality.

Options for aftermarket accessories are wide – from roof bars to spoilers; from chrome fittings to tinted windows; and other exterior modifications. One of the first modifications that most van owners turn to is alloy wheels – that is replacing the boring stock steel wheels with alloy wheels of their choice. This is a quite a quick and easy customization to do that give quite a lot of visual impact; however make sure you buy the right alloy wheels.


Alloy wheels are generally more expensive than steel-plated wheels but the advantages of having them validate the slightly higher price tag. Steel wheels are definitely acceptable for daily use but some owners prefer alloy wheels for their vans. They are favoured because of their aesthetic appeal and tendency to increase a vehicle’s market value.

Reasons for Switching to Alloy Wheels

Though alloy wheels were initially designed and developed for racing cars, more consumers are using them for their “everyday” vehicles. Though more people are buying alloy wheels mainly to enhance the looks of their vans, there are other reasons in buying and fitting them on a van.

Since alloy wheels weigh less than steel wheels,  the “unsprung” weight of the vehicle is decreased which  lowers the risk of shock transmission.

They are very durable and even increase the van’s overall value as a set of alloy wheels is definitely an upgrade that increases the resale value of a van. Aluminium alloy is more durable than standard steel wheels. Its strength makes for precision steering and more control.

There are experts who claim that alloy wheels increase the performance of a vehicle, gas mileage and handling.

There are alloy wheels that can be fitted to give a vehicle more brake clearance.

Alloy Wheel Styles

It is possible to create a wide range of styles and shapes of wheels using modern alloy casting techniques without compromising the strength of the wheel. Choosing which style of alloy wheels is perfect for your van depends on the “look” you wish to present.

• 3 spoke wheel – a quite peculiar look
• 5 or 6 spoke softline wheel – smart look
• 5 or 6 spoke square edged wheel – delicate and precise look
• 5 twin-spoke wheel – smart and stylish business look
• claw spoke wheel – aggressive look
• twisted spoke wheel – ultramodern look
• multispoke wheel – rally style look
• wide 5.7 or 8 spoke wheel – fashionable look

Replicas for BMW, Mercedes-Benz-Benz-Benz-Benz, VW and more are available in the market and aftermarket.

Sizes and Fitments

Currently, alloy wheels are available in diameters ranging from 12” up to 24 “with widths from 5” up to 10”. For vans, the typical diameters are 16”, 17”, 18” and 20”. In most instances it is standard to change the wheel’s size when fitting alloy wheels. Example, a size 14” or 15” steel wheel is possible to replace with the same wheel and tyre size or it be changed to 16”, 17” or 18” wheels.

Fitment is an important factor when choosing the right alloy wheels for your van. A wheel that is able to bolt onto the hub without or with little modification affords safety of fitment. A VW T4 has a PCD of 5×112 whereas a T5 has a PCD of 5×120. They have different Offsets and Centre Bore too, which are also essential for perfectly fitting the wheels to the van.

Load rating should be taken into account. Many van owners pick alloy wheels for their vehicles with design and fitment as the only consideration. Many choose BBS/BBS Replica style wheels or OEM styling which do not have the appropriate load rating for a van. What is the harm? Well, a set of alloy wheels for your van that is not Van Rated puts you at risk!

Now, how do we know the load rating of vans such VW Transporters? The best sources of data for load requirements are the van manufacturers themselves and we at Swiss Van Tek work closely with them to make sure that our range of alloy wheels are well-suited to your van.

VAN Rated Alloy Wheels

Make sure that you buy VAN RATED alloy wheels fitted with suitable tyres. You have two options when shopping for alloy wheels. First, you can keep your existing tyres and shop for alloy wheels that fit your existing tyres. If you want bigger alloy wheels, then you need to get a set new alloy wheels and tyres.

At SwissVanTek  we have a  good selection of Van Rated Alloy Wheels from brands such as Wolfrace, Magma, Amaro & more.

Want to discuss VW Transporter Alloys? Call or email us today and we can advise you. What’s more, all our vans for sale at can have alloy wheels or styling packs added. Just ask!

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