Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size

Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size

If you’re in the market for a vehicle that can haul people or cargo, you might be considering either a pickup truck or a van. Both pick-up trucks and vans serve the purpose though there are differences between pick-up trucks and vans.
Pick-up trucks are great for transporting cargo, especially large items like furniture, appliances, or construction materials. Read this guide to choose the best pickup trucks based on brand and size.

Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size

Trucks were once easy to choose as they were rather basic, without many options to choose from. Things are however different today as the trucks today are full of choices ranging from a basic work truck to luxury sedans. So if you need help choosing the right pickup truck, just read on.

If you have a favorite brand or automaker, this is the obvious space to start looking for your pickup truck. There are various magazines and sites that provide valuable information like reviews, fact and figures about each model, year and specifications of trucks.

Size matters

You need to decide if you need a small or full size truck. Small pickups can tow a maximum of 3000 pounds, which accommodates most trailers and boat towing tasks. If your towing needs are heavier, look for a mid or full size truck.

As some mid-size trucks are similar to compact or full-size trucks, comparing models on dealers is the best way to find out how they actually look side by side. Moreover, compact trucks usually give better mileage than full size trucks and make sure the small pickup’s interiors have sufficient space to seat passengers.

Engine type and configuration

You can choose your pickup truck based on its engine where small and compact trucks are usually equipped with a four or six cylinder engine and full size trucks with additional engine variations.

Chose your van based on whether it runs on a manual or automatic transmission or 2WD or 4WD configuration. Many trucks today also offer limited-slip or locking differentials along with safety options and driving helpers like hill descent. So bear all this in mind while choosing the right pickup van for your use.

Seating needs and requirements

Pickup trucks should be chosen based on your seating needs as trucks come in various cab styles. Trucks with standard cabs have one bench or two buckets in front without any second row and thus have lots of storage space behind the front seats. Extended cab trucks have bench or jump seats behind the front seat.

It’s better to sit to find out how it feels to ride in the back as many extended cab seats are utilitarian in function and not comfortable for long rides. However they provide extra space to carry groceries and other packages behind the first row. Crew cab trucks have full second row seating with 4 doors that swing open to the front and are popular as pickup trucks.

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