Buying Used Vans

Buying Used Vans

Used VW Transporter Kombi 2012 from £16999.00
Used VW Transporter Kombi 2012 from £16999.00

Why choose a used van over a new one? Mainly because used vans are more affordable than new models, giving van buyers the opportunity to buy a nicer model than what they could actually afford at a new van price. Secondly van insurance rates are normally less expensive for used vehicles. In addition, vehicles are mostly leased from 24 to 36 months before being out on the used van market which means that you can purchase a “nearly” new van at a “used vehicle” price. Other pros of buying used vans are:

• Used vehicles depreciate at a slower rate than new ones
• There is a huge inventory of used vehicles that are competitively priced

Where to Buy Used Vans

There are many options as to where you can find used vans for sale. Such options are main dealers, auctions, newspaper and online listings (e.g. eBay, Autotrader, Gumtree), and private listings to name a few. Here at Swiss Vans, we have a range of high standard used vans to offer.

Buying a used vehicle from a van dealer gives you legal protection as van dealers are legally mandated to offer and sell vans that are free from defects (except those pointed out to you) and in a roadworthy condition. The dealer is obliged to accurately describe the van, such as its mileage and actual number of owners.

Buying from a private seller could be the cheapest option but you should watch out for unscrupulous sellers and scammers. You should always buy from a seller with a home address the same as listed on the v5 document. Don’t meet the seller anywhere else. Private vans are very often ‘sold as seen’ which means that the sale is final. In this case you don’t have the option to return or exchange the defective used van as there is no warranty, unlike when buying from a dealer.

If you intend to buy private, make sure you check all the documentation and inspect the vehicle throughout. If you can’t tell a van’s exhaust from your elbow, take a friend along who does. Or get the vehicle inspected professionally.

What to Check for in a Used Van

Aside from the paperwork and documents that come with the sale of a used van, there are other points that you should look into before making the final decision. You should:

• Check the body work, engine, interior, tyres, and all other parts of the van and make sure everything functions as expected. The van could be on the market because of defects.
• Check for any outstanding finance onthe van and do a history check to make sure that the vehicle has not been previously written off.
• Check the documentation and see to it that the service history is in order

Here at Swiss Vans our used van stock consists of high quality standard certified vans with warranty and finance available, in stock right here in Bridgend (with FREE UK mainland delivery available). Check out our complete line of used vans for lease/sale HERE. (if you wish to view or test drive please contact us prior to arrival as vans are kept offsite for security reasons).

Order your used van before December 19, 2014 to get a Christmas present from Swiss Vans.

Check out some of these used vans for sale right now (click the image to view the listing)…

Used VW Transporter Pre-Highline Kombi 2011
Used VW Transporter Pre-Highline Kombi 2011 from £15999.00
Used mitsubishi l200 Barbarian 2011
Used mitsubishi l200 Barbarian 2011 from £12499.00
Used VW Transporter Panel 2011
Used VW Transporter Panel 2011 from £16999.00
Used VW Transporter Highline Kombi 2013
Used VW Transporter Highline Kombi 2013 from £20999.00
Used VW Caddy Panel 2011
Used VW Caddy Panel 2011 from £7999.00

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