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Jun 2014
Van Contract Hire Explained

If you are thinking about buying a new van for business or personal use, the number of van financing options available can be quite overwhelming. One of the most popular financing options is “Contract Hire” – this is because it is highly cost effective and easily managed.

May 2014
Part exchange your van

Part-exchanging your van, means that you get a new van and use your old one as part payment for the new one. The advantages of vehicle part exchange are numerous. For example, you do not need to pay fees to advertise your van for sale, or find waste time dealing with private buyers – and you may not need to pay a cash deposit.

When you decide to part exchange your van, the dealer will first need to make a part exchange valuation – this will be based upon certain factors such as the age, condition and desirability of the van model. If the van is newer it will generally hold a better value.

Dec 2013
Should you fit Winter Tyres on your New Van?

Should you fit Winter Tyres on your New Van? When buying a new van, most people happily sign up for a 4 year lease but the salesman, keen as mustard to get you to sign the lease on the dotted line, rarely mention extras that could really benefit you – and whilst a fabulous drop-down dvd […]