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6 Months MOT Extension
Mar 2020
6 Months MOT Extension

Probably, some of you are concerned about your vans MOT which is due soon. MOT centres remain open, but in the current situation, every interpersonal contact should be limited. That’s why today, the government announced that MOT for all cars, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) and motorcycles which due date is on or after 30th of […]

5 ways to keep your van cool through the summer
Jul 2019
5 ways to keep your van cool through the summer

It has been one hot July with temperatures reaching up to 38C in some parts of the UK. With another month of summer, it is more than likely that we could continue to sizzle. But, while the temperature soars, businesses and tradespeople will continue to use their vehicles which are essential for their work. This […]

Dashboard lights and what they mean?
Feb 2019
Dashboard lights and what they mean?

A vehicle is unable to tell you if it’s feeling a little worse for wear or if it’s in need of some TLC. This is why it uses the dashboard lights to communicate with you. But, with so many flashing symbols, we don’t always know what they are trying to tell us. Hopefully not on […]

ULEZ and the impact on pre Euro 6 van owners
Aug 2017
ULEZ and the impact on pre Euro 6 van owners

Does your business depend on your van / fleet of vans? Wonder where you stand with Diesel? It’s no surprise, It doesn’t seem that long ago Diesel engines were praised for their: Great mileage Lack of ignition tune up Longevity Torque Great for a lease minibus  Swiss is one of the best & cheapest van […]

Jun 2016
10 Top Van Drives Across The UK

10 top Van Drives across the UK 10 Top Van Drives Across the UK   Here are some of best places in the UK we at Swiss Vans like to escape in our vans.   Isle of wight.   Abergavenny to Penderyn.   Humber Bridge.   A1 Past Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.   Newgale Beach […]

Jun 2016
10 Top driving tips

10 Top driving tips. To be a better driver on the road, to save money and be safer. 10 Top driving tips Check out the following 10 Top driving tips: Take an Advanced driving test. This test and instruction can help bring the cost of your insurance down and will teach you to be become […]

Nov 2015
Is Your Van Ready for Winter Driving?

Is Your Van Ready for Winter Driving? Is Your Van Ready for Winter Driving? Due to the most powerful El Niño on record, weather forecasters have, as early as September, issued warnings to get ready for blizzards and sub-zero temperature conditions across the whole United Kingdom. The changes in air pressure over the Arctic, the […]

Aug 2015
Fuel Efficient New Vans

Fuel Efficient New Vans. With the ever rising cost of fuel, it may be a welcome news to you that vans are becoming more fuel efficient. A few years back, the standard miles per gallon (MPG) of most vans from various manufacturers was between 18.5 to 20+ mpg, and with high CO2 emission ratings. Today, […]

Jul 2015
Tips for Night Driving

Tips for Night Driving Tips for Night Driving. The two main concerns in staying alert while driving at night are darkness and tiredness. A great vehicle for this is a ford ranger lease deal  or a vauxhall vivaro lease  or a new vw amarok  A driver’s reaction while driving largely depends on vision, and vision […]

Jun 2015
Most Economical Small-sized Vans for 2014-2015

Though fuel prices tend to be quite stable over the past few months, running costs are still a primary concern for most van owners and operators. There are various brands and models of small vans in the market today, each claiming fuel economy. Here Swiss Vans presents the ten most fuel efficient small panel vans […]

Jun 2015
How to Get the Most Miles per Gallon from Your Van

How to Get the Most Miles per Gallon? How to Get the Most Miles per Gallon The cost of motoring goes only one way: and that is UP! We can’t do anything to lower the price of fuel but we do have some tips to offer on how to save fuel and improve your vehicle’s […]

May 2015
Part Exchanging Your Van

Part Exchanging Your Van Part Exchanging Your Van It is now the time of year when deals on vans are to be had, especially here at Swiss. We are currently offering great rates on all van part exchanges; so if your van is showing signs of age or you are looking to boost your business image […]

May 2015
New Stock of Transporter Kombi Van

New Stock of VW Transporter Kombi Van With a VW Transporter  finance Kombi Van, you can take everyone and everything you need in one flexible, comfortable space. It is one of the most fuel-efficient vans with its minimum mileage. Expect maximum efficiency with a Transporter Kombi and VW Caravelle  Swiss Vans offers new stocks of […]

Apr 2015
Managing Your Vehicle’s Fuel Costs

Managing Your Vehicle’s Fuel Costs Managing Your Vehicle’s Fuel Costs. After a six-month collapse on the prices of fuel, UK pump prices are on the rise again. The price of crude oil is pegged at around $60 but because of an increased overseas demand for petrol and a seemingly weaker exchange rate. The fluctuating price […]

Apr 2015
SME’s Key Priority: New Company Vehicles

SME’s Key Priority: New Company Vehicles Small to Medium sized companies or SMEs account for over 99% of privately-owned businesses in the UK in 2014. As the cornerstone of the UK trade industry, growth and expansion are the agenda of SMEs for 2015. Based on a research published in Fleet World, a large percentage of […]

Apr 2015
Online Shopping Increased Van Sales in the UK

According to van manufacturers, the spiraling growth of online shopping markedly increased the sales of vans in the UK. It has become painless and easy to shop for almost anything under the sun and and have it delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. As consequence, more vans are being sold for the […]

Apr 2015
It is Time to Spring Clean Your Van?

Time to Spring Clean Your Van It is Time to Spring Clean Your Van? With its extreme frigid temperature, salted and icy roads, snow, sleet, mud and potholes, winter is undoubtedly the harshest season for vehicles! Spring brings in a new hope not only for mankind and their houses but for their vehicles as well. […]

Mar 2015
New Vans at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

The 85th Geneva International Motor Show was opened to the public on March 5, 2015. There are only 6 days left for car enthusiasts from all over the world to view and appreciate 900 vehicles being presented at the named motor show. Of this number, 130 are premiere and concept cars. A team from Swiss […]

Feb 2015
New Car Number Plates Out by March 1 2015

New Car Number Plates Out by March 1 2015 New Car Number Plates Out by March 1 2015 In March 1, 2015, all newly registered cars in the UK will have the number “15”. This will apply to new vehicles registered from March 1, 2015 up to August 31, 2015. The number 15 is in […]

Feb 2015
Van Branding and Wrapping

Not only does a branded,  well-maintained and presented  van create a good first impression on clients, it is also an affordable and effective advertising opportunity;  selling your trade to everyone who sees it drive by or parked up. You could choose to use magnetic signs, stick on decals or paint your van; but one of the […]

Jan 2015
Sales Specialist Needed

Sales Specialist Needed Sales Specialist Needed We are looking for a Sales Specialist to fill up a job vacancy at Swiss Vans. Renewals Specialist. Sales Job Sales experience is necessary Very good pay package Monday – Friday 9-6pm Send CV’s in to [email protected]   Swiss Vans is based in Bridgend, South Wales – UK and has […]

Jan 2015
A New Van Could Improve Your Business

Arriving at a client’s house or place of work in a rickety van that has seen better days will likely leave a bad first impression and lower your chances of winning the business of the client. A survey conducted by Populus in 2013 indicated that the condition of a tradesman’s van directly affects business. First impression lasts […]

Jan 2015
Van Lining and Racking

Do you really need van lining and racking? Well, it depends what you use your van for, if it’s like most of us for transporting tools and if you want to have any organisation at all (unlike the photo on the right), then the answer is “yes” you could benefit from lining and adding racking to your […]

Jan 2015
Van Maintenance Tips for Winter

According to the AA of  UK, breakdowns are most common during the winter months. The AA calls in extra patrols during the winter as more than 1,000 breakdowns occur in an hour. A few years back, the AA responded to more than 28,000 vehicle breakdowns in one day! Now that is quite a huge number […]

Jan 2015
A New Van for a New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! A New Van for a New Year! The year 2014 has been one great journey and here we all are at the threshold of a promising 2015. Negative vibes brought in 2014 be gone! May the new year bring good health, happiness and abundance to us all! Now is a good time to […]

Dec 2014
Choosing the Right Alloy Wheels for Your Van

Customizing your van can readily transform it from a common van to one that exudes your character and individuality. Ford Vans VW Amarok Lease Mercedes Vito Van Leasing VW Transporter T6.1 Welfare van Options for aftermarket accessories are wide – from roof bars to spoilers; from chrome fittings to tinted windows; and other exterior modifications. One of […]

Dec 2014
Contract Hire a Van for Tax Savings

There are many benefits of leasing a van through contract hire. Some of these benefits include a low initial outlay, a pre-determined monthly rental rate, inclusive road fund licence, a flexible contract of 1 to 4 years, and the van under contract hire is not considered a company asset and therefore is an off-balance-sheet property. […]

Nov 2014
Buying Used Vans

Why choose a used van over a new one? Mainly because used vans are more affordable than new models, giving van buyers the opportunity to buy a nicer model than what they could actually afford at a new van price. Secondly van insurance rates are normally less expensive for used vehicles. In addition, vehicles are […]

Nov 2014
Van Resale Value – Getting the Best Return

Today, we’re talking about van resale value. Getting the maximum resale value for your vehicle  is something you need to consider when you buy a van. Of course everyone wants to get back the most return when it is time to get a new vehicle, this can have benefits for your wallet and your business’ […]

Oct 2014
Winter Tyres for Safety

Winter is almost here and with it comes snow and ice that cause more road accidents. When the temperature drops to 7°C,  snow or none, acceleration, steering and braking are affected as normal (summer) tyres present less grip on the road. Nonetheless, very few drivers are convinced to use winter tyres and wheels during the […]

Jul 2014
5 myths about buying used vans

5 myths about buying used vans The increasing number of vans in the vehicular market has lead to an increased number of used vans. While there may be some great deals in the market, many used van buyers also fall to the same tricks because of some van-buying myths and end up losing money. Being […]

Jul 2014
Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size

Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size Trucks were once easy to choose as they were rather basic, without many options to choose from. Things are however different today as the trucks today are full of choices ranging from a basic work truck to luxury sedans. So if you need help choosing the right […]

Jul 2014
Reasons and help with leasing kombi vans

Reasons and help with leasing kombi vans Many business owners overlook the benefits of leasing kombi vans, where kombi is a Volkswagen Type 2 campervan and the shortened form of Kombinationskraftwagen. Many business owners think that in the long run, leasing is not a cost-effective option and as leasing service providers do not grant ownership […]

Jul 2014
How to make sure your van is safe at night

How to make sure your van is safe at night Parking your van in a garage or within a fenced area is the best thing to do for your van’s safety at night. However if you don’t have a secure place to park your van at night or just for additional safety purposes, you can […]

Jul 2014
Tips for getting the best van insurance policies

Tips for getting the best van insurance policies Vans are great vehicles, no matter if you use it for personal or business reasons. A very stressful aspect of owning and driving a van is having to pay for its monthly premium insurance. However the cost of paying for this insurance is well worth it as […]

Jul 2014
Van rentals are not only based on hire rates

Van rentals are not only based on hire rates If you have to rent vans for your business, you will definitely want to know if you are getting the best service and value for your money or not.  This is necessary as you will be spending quite a lot on van rentals. The first thing […]

Jun 2014
Business Benefits for Van Contract Hire

Business benefits for van Contract Hire For most big and small companies, hiring commercial vans is a significant company expense. As the company also has to bear other business running expenses like maintenance, monthly payments and security systems, many companies today feel it’s cheaper hiring an older van. However little do they know that the […]