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Pick Up Wars
Nov 2017
Pick Up Wars

Its Pick-Up Season. We sell more pick up trucks during the winter than we do at any other time of year.  Why? These vehicles were designed for driving in extreme conditions, and they do it well.  The British winter is no challenge for a rugged Pick-Up. So, you’ve decided you want a Pick-Up. But which […]

Jul 2017
Pick-up v Van v Toilet Roll

The good news is Swiss Vans can supply you with the first two! Van Lease or Pick Up Lease? Each carries their own pros and cons. We’ll start by stating the obvious.  The panel van has an enclosed area for your cargo, whereas the pickup truck has an open load bed. This aside, they both offer […]

Aug 2016
Ford Ranger 2016

The New Ford Ranger 2016 Van dash lights Swiss latest reviews Avoiding van theft Ford Transit Nugget Review New Ford Ranger Wildtrack Cheap Van Leasing Cheap vans VW vans

Jul 2015
Best Van Videos

Best Van Videos There are probably tens of thousands videos of vans uploaded in YouTube and sourcing for the best van videos is not exactly easy. After hours of searching, here are a few van videos that caught our attention. The Ford Transit at 928 bhp is fast!   Mitsubishi L200 – still running and […]

Dec 2014
The Amarok Ultimate!

The new Amarok Ultimate is slated to go on sale this December, 2014. Based on the Highline model, the new trim is the latest special edition of the VW’s Amarok pick-ups. Lucky new owners have the option to pick either a 2.0-litre BiTDI 180PS engine with a six-speed manual gearbox with 4MOTION Selectable all-wheel-drive or […]

Nov 2014
Amarok in Stock at Swiss Vans

Amarok in Stock! Amarok in Stock at Swiss Vans GREAT NEWS! Swiss Vans has 4 Amaroks in stock! Ever since the first pickup from VW commercial vehicles debuted to the general public in 2010, VW and pickup fans can’t seem to get hold of one of these beauties. Of all available pick-ups in the market, […]

Nov 2014
Ford Ranger Double Cab in Stock!

Ford Ranger Double Cab in Stock! Ford Ranger Double Cab in Stock! In Stock and Ready to Go! Swiss Vans just received its stock of Ford Ranger Double Cabs and we are excited to offer our customers these top-of-the-line pick-up trucks. The all-new Ford Ranger Double Cab affords not only capability but exudes toughness and strength […]

Jul 2014
Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size

Choose pickup trucks based on brand and size Trucks were once easy to choose as they were rather basic, without many options to choose from. Things are however different today as the trucks today are full of choices ranging from a basic work truck to luxury sedans. So if you need help choosing the right […]

Jul 2014
The new Nissan NV200 offers top-class load space

The new Nissan NV200 offers top-class load space The new Nissan NV200 is a small van that has replaced the Kubistar of Nissan van range. It is available in two versions as a van with a large load space and a seven-seat Combi version that carries loads and passengers. It is with the help of […]

Jul 2014
3 pickup truck accessories you must have

3 Pickup Truck Accessories You Must Have! Pickup trucks offer a very convenient form of transportation for both individuals and businesses as they offer lots of space to carry luggage or work equipment. This is why there are so many types of pickup trucks in the market, with a whole range of accessories dedicated to […]

Jun 2014
Which pickup truck should be your pickup truck?

Which Pickup Truck Should be your Pickup Truck? Which Pickup Truck? A pickup truck has long been favored among farmers and blue collar workers who need to bed space to do their everyday chores. In recent years the pickup truck has also become a favorite among independent women who enjoy more than just being a […]

Jun 2014
Toyota Hilux Truly Invincible?

HiluxIf you are looking for a tough and versatile vehicle, they don’t come much tougher than Toyota Pickups. The Toyota Hilux is one of the world’s most popular pickup trucks – there are several different versions worldwide but the concept is always the same: they are built to last with high quality Japanese electronics and engines built for high mileage. The latest generation of models are very comfortable inside and pretty sporty looking too.

Jun 2014
Time for a new van? Great deals available on the Toyota Hilux

Time for a new van? Great deals available on the Toyota Hilux The world toughest 4×4. The Toyota Hilux Invincible gets it’s name because these trucks don’t die! You can pretty much take this pickup anywhere & use it for anything, a great asset to an business that needs a rough n tough vehicle – […]

Feb 2014
Volkswagen Amarok available at Swiss Vans!

Volkswagen Amarok available at Swiss vans! Volkswagen Amarok available Swiss Vans now has the Volkswagen Amarok truck available for order. The Volkswagen Amarok has always proved itself as a leader in its class, it is wider and easier to drive than most other 4×4 vehicles and manages to do so whilst looking great. T6 Finance All models […]