Amarok Panamericana – Your Off-road Work-horse

Amarok Panamericana – Your Off-road Work-horse

The new VW Amarok Panamericana is set to be released in 2023, and we can’t wait! The brand new Amarok is bigger, more high-tech, and has a plethora of options to choose from. The Amarok was developed in partnership with the new Ford Ranger — sharing many of the same parts and design.

The Amarok is still just as easy to customise, with several different models and trim levels to choose from on this body-on-frame truck, you’re sure to find an Amarok to fit your custom company’s wants and needs. Today, we are going to talk about the VW Amarok Panamericana. This truck was built to take your business off-road to forge new paths. Plus, it looks just as beefy outside as the functionality allows it to be — making mud a trophy, rather than an obstacle. 

New VW Amarok Panamericana – Power choices for days

You are bound to find your power with the new Amarok PanAmericana. To start off your customisation, there are five motor options to choose from. The top of the line motor is a 3.0 litre V6 diesel with the option of 177 kW or 184 kW output and a 10-speed automatic gearbox. There is also the option between three four-cylinder 2.0 litre diesel motors that come with an automatic 6-speed manual gearbox. Though it’s not out yet, there are talks of an electric motor to come soon. 

Traction and control

The new VW Amarok has been upgraded and perfected to take your company to even the wettest, muddiest, roughest off-road locations. Prepare to show other vehicles up when you roll through puddles up to 800 mm deep — a major improvement from the previous forge depth of 500 mm. The options for this beefy truck don’t stop at motors and looks — choose from two different all-paw gripping systems.

There’s two 4motion setups to choose from, including a permanent 4×4 with a self-locking middle differential. The all-new wider wheelbase paired with all the other upgrades enhances the off-road capability. The new Amarok now boasts an increased distance between the axles to give the truck a bigger footing, and therefore more grip — even on an uneven slope. Complete with all-terrain tyres on 18” alloy wheels, this truck is rearing to climb the highest hills and traverse every puddle known to man — rain, snow, and ice beware. 

Technology and extras

Volkswagen went above and beyond with over 20 driver assist systems, which includes road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, park assist, and more able to be accessed on the 12” tablet built into the dashboard. The driver assist technology in the Amarok was designed to work with the four-wheel drive systems to constantly monitor and stabilise to give you a smooth ride regardless of the conditions.

When you are in city driving mode, you can enjoy the comfort of intelligent speed and lane assist, rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera. The multifunctional steering wheel providing electromechanical steering is reminiscent of ones from others in the VW family. For the safety and security of your crew, load, Amarok PanAmericana, and yourself, there is a 360º camera installed. 


The upgrades just keep coming with the all-new VW Amarok Panamericana! VW has increased the payload to one-ton to give you the ability to carry so much more. The roof can even support an additional 350 kg to give more space. Perfect for overnight jobs, since it will support a four-person roof tent with ease.

If that still isn’t enough, all automatic transmission Amaroks can tow an additional 3.5 tons of supplies, tools, or whatever you may need. The versatile Amarok even thinks of the ease of loading, unloading and checking your load at night with LED lighting in the loading area. If you need more room for people in the cab, there are options to enlarge the single cab to a double cab with additional seating and extra leg space — an increase of 173mm more than before in the crew cab. 


The exterior of the VW Amarok PanAmericana screams rugged with its many updates. Just one look tells you how powerful this truck really is. The PanAmericana comes in all black with exterior mirrors, door handles, and the rear bumper coming in accent colours of your choice. It even includes a powder-coated styling bar and steps in black. Making this truck look ready to tackle any off-road areas.

The body has gone through some upgrades as well. An upgrade to the headlights includes bi-xenon headlights with low or high beam illumination in each headlight, and LED light bands for daytime running lights. Even the taillights got an upgrade. In typical Volkswagen fashion, there are options galore, depending on the bodykits and parts you choose. 


The VW Amarok PanAmericana delivers the same quality to the interior as well. The all leather electronically adjustable seats that come with this trim also include a heating system. As a bonus, there is a Harman Kardon premium sound system with 8 speakers and a 12” touch screen infotainment system. All together, the inside was designed for luxury, functionality and comfort. To match the seats and interior, the dashboard even gets soft-touch faux leather. 

Custom options

There are several bodykits offered for the Amarok. You can customise this truck to be even wider, longer, and have more functionality. Custom tailgates, wheels and side steps to make your Amarok stand out even more. To add to your security and stowability you can have racks, drawers, organisers, or an electric cover for the bed.

The options for your VW Amarok PanAmericana are limitless. The Amarok’s traction and control coupled with the ability to make it look just as rugged, if not more so, will make you stand out even with a little dirt and mud.

Get your Amarok today

Here at Swiss Vans, we can help you drive away with one or a whole fleet of trucks today. Come in to talk about financing options. Purchase outright, or you can pay through lease to own, hire-purchase, or even rental. If you want to stand out, we can even help you in our bespoke customization department.

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