VW Amarok Alloy Wheels for Improved Performance

VW Amarok Alloy Wheels for Improved Performance

The world is anxiously awaiting the new VW Amarok, and you’d better believe one of its awesome new features will be distinctive alloys. Talk to any car buff or watch any new car review and the words “alloy wheels” or “mags” will definitely come up, with some going on in detail for hours about their styling new alloys. But petrolheads may be onto something here, because there are definite benefits to having alloy wheels. Before we discuss the new VW Amarok Alloy Wheels in more detail, let’s look at alloy wheels themselves and why drivers get excited about them.

What are alloy wheels exactly?

Originally designed for use on race cars, alloy wheels are making a big splash with more and more consumers. 

An alloy is a combination of at least one metal and other elements. Alloy wheels are also commonly known as mag wheels since they tend to be made from aluminium or magnesium, and another element (for example nickel). These metals are lightweight. 

The common, older and cheaper alternative is steel wheels. While steel is durable, it’s heavy. Steel wheels are also a type of alloy wheel, though are commonly referred to as simply Steel Wheels — they are typically made by combining iron and carbon. Steel wheels require little weights to be placed around the outer edge to keep the wheel balanced. 

Alloy wheels are made in a variety of ways which affects their cost, style, and durability. Since these wheels are fabricated differently, it contributes to the price and variety differences between steel wheels and alloy wheels. Steel wheels are normally pressed — giving little room for designs or patterns, without the need of poking holes in the metal or welding. Alloy wheels are forged or cast using various methods, including moulds, making them more expensive to make but able to style freely.    

Why opt for them if they don’t come standard with your new/modified car?

The aluminium or magnesium alloy wheels are lighter, thus putting less strain on a vehicle’s suspension, which assists in boosting its speed, performance, ride comfort, and even makes steering easier. It also reduces the vehicle’s weight, and a lighter car means it’ll use less fuel – a massive advantage in today’s age of soaring fuel prices and inflation.

The process of making alloy wheels usually means less need for weights to be added to the wheel to keep it from wobbling or becoming unbalanced. Therefore, there is less need for routine balancing and alignment — aside from at the time of installation.

Alloys are better for heat dissipation which, besides other benefits, means they assist in preventing brakes from overheating. Wear and tear is also reduced in several vehicle components. For example, tyres are said to last longer, due to less wear and tear.

Like alloy wheels of any other brand, VW Amarok Alloy Wheels are more corrosion and rust resistant than steel wheels, so will last longer in even the wettest climate.

Lastly, they look amazing, add style, and are available in a range of sizes, finishes, and colours.

However, they are not as durable as steel wheels, and they are pricier.

To sum it all up, choosing alloy wheels over steel wheels gives you the best chances of having a truck that will go anywhere and take to the wild with better efficiency and style.

Back to the Amarok.

Down to the trim

The VW team has redesigned the Amarok to have even better off-road capability. In addition, it’s longer and more spacious. The New Amarok has a longer wheelbase, a bigger payload and towing capacity, plus five engine options. The Amarok comes with many upgrades and extras, depending on your trim. 

Trims include the base version, as well as the Life, Style, PanAmericana, and Aventura.

Read more on the new VW Amarok.

When ordering your new Amarok, besides options on the engine, transmission, chassis, and more, you can select different alloy wheel sizes, depending on the trim you decide on. 

While 16-inch tyres are standard, 17-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch VW Amarok Alloy Wheels are optional. As an aside, all-terrain tyres are available up to 18 inches. 

Here are the trim-wheel specs:

  • The base Amarok comes standard with 16-inch tyres 
  • The Life trim has 17-inch VW Amarok Alloy Wheels
  • The Style comes with 18-inch alloy wheels
  • The PanAmericana – the ultimate off-road vehicle – has 18-inch light-alloy wheels exclusive to this trim, in all black, with all-terrain tyres.
  • The premium trim Aventura combines off-road capability with on-road urban style. It has large 21-inch alloy wheels, optional on the Aventura only.

Why to choose bigger wheels and tyres?

A 21″ tyre may look stronger and cooler than a 16″ but bigger tyres do more than just make your truck look good. Bigger tyres change the amount of rubber, which means more surface area contact. It also means more clearance between the chassis and the ground. This allows you to have better braking distance, more precise control, and traction. Basically, a 21″ tyre will be able to drive through ice, mud, rain, and any off-road conditions way better than a 16″ tyre. These bigger rims can also carry more load weight. 

We’ll have more details on wheel options once the new Amarok hits our shores.

Get Hands on VW Amarok Alloy Wheels Today

If you’re looking to make your Amarok even more unique, Swiss Vans has a range of upgrade options, including 19- or 20-inch silver or black powder VW Amarok Alloy Wheels.

Our standard alloy wheels are sourced from brands including Assassin TRS, Aero, Aero Super-T, DTM, B+P Wraith, Wraith, TTRA-2 and KMC Holeshot, while our premium alloy brands include OZ Racing, Dotz, BBS, AEZ, Calibre, and MOMO. 

We can advise on the right wheels and sizes for your new Amarok. Give us a call.

Remember, a Swiss Vans upgrade may be made via finance repayments rather than an immediate payment in full.

The new VW Amarok is expected to be released in early 2023. Until it is, start thinking about your ideal look, or stop by to talk about placing a reservation on a build slot for your custom Amarok. 

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