New VW Amarok Accessories – Embrace Individuality

New VW Amarok Accessories – Embrace Individuality

In years past you would never have associated innovative technology, luxury and comfort with an off-road vehicle, or “pick-up”. But such vehicles seem to push the boundaries with each new release nowadays. Before we discuss New VW Amarok Accessories in detail, it is always better to know what your Amarok is already provided with.

The all-new Amarok is a prime example, with new enhanced driver support systems, additional airbags, and comfort. It’s more equipped for off-road driving than ever before and is now available as a single- or double cab depending on the market. At 5.35 metres it’s also longer, with a roomier cabin (that seats three adults) thanks to a 17.3cm longer wheelbase. VW explains that its off-road ability is boosted as the wheelbase grows more than the car’s total length, body overhangs are diminished, and its slope angle is higher. Its shorter front and rear overhangs and a 30-centimetre longer fording depth also add to its off-road capability. The vehicle now has an 80cm/800mm fording depth (the depth of water it can safely pass through).

Off-road features aside, the Amarok is still known as a workhorse and as such, its ability to transport heavy loads has also been enhanced. It has a bigger payload, now at 1.2 tons, a 350kg roof load capacity, a 3.5 ton towing capacity and a loading area which allows for two euro pallets to be loaded and lashed with durable eyelets.

There are five engine varieties: three 2-litre, 4-cylinder, turbo diesel engines (at 100kW and 154 kW); a 6-cylinder, 3-litre, turbocharged diesel engine (at 177 kW and 184 kW); and a 4-cylinder 2.3-litre turbo petrol engine (at 222kW). Amarok engines with more than 154kW of power come with 10-speed automatic transmission as standard. There are rear-wheel or selectable/permanent all-wheel drive settings.

Standard on the 2023 edition are LED headlights, a rear-view camera, electromechanical steering via a multifunctional steering wheel, USB ports, an electronic stabilisation program, infotainment with a 10.1-inch touch colour display + DAB; and driver, middle and passenger airbags, as well as curtain and side airbags. There are also new side steps, radiator grille and styling bars.

An intriguing spec is the new preconfigured driving modes assisting you in specific off-road conditions.

Trims include the base version (Amarok), the Life, Style, PanAmericana (enhanced off road capabilities) and Aventura (said to be a stylish on-road version).

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Official New VW Amarok Accessories

While it may seem that the new off-roader has everything, there’s always the opportunity to add new VW Amarok accessories, or give it a more unique look.

When ordering your new Amarok, engine, transmission, chassis, trim and body options are just the start of your choices.

Details are still thin ahead of its official launch, but these are the new VW Amarok accessories and options we know about from VW’s official release material:

  • Cargo box roller covers (manually or electrically operated), including an electric load compartment rollcover system, to protect cargo 
  • Manual or electric hardtops
  • Various cargo management systems, including toolboxes that are lockable, and bike brackets
  • Harman Kardon premium sound system (standard on PanAmericana and Aventura trims)
  • For the base and Life trims, clients can choose between a 10-inch (standard) and 12-inch (standard on Style, PanAmericana and Aventura trims) infotainment systems display
  • There are over 30 systems aiming to assist drivers in various off-road circumstances (more than 20 of these assistance systems are new to Amarok) and they are available on request. Examples include front assist: adaptive cruise control with forward collision warning; multi-collision brake; lane-, traffic jam- and light assist; area view camera; rear traffic alert; and blind spot monitoring.

There are various features standard on some trims and optional on others:

  • While 16-inch tyres are standard for the Amarok, various alloy wheel sizes (17″/18″/20″) are optional, with all-terrain tyres available up to 18 inches. However, 21-inch tyres are optional on Amarok Aventura only
  • The Amarok Aventura, PanAmericana and Style have IQ.Light LED matrix headlights and a digital cockpit with digital 12-inch instrument cluster – these are optional for the Amarok Life
  • The Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura have LED taillights, are key-free and ambient lighting – these features are optional on the Amarok Style
  • The Aventura and PanAmericana are equipped with an area view camera – which is optional for the Amarok Life and Amarok Style.

Once the Amarok is officially on the market we’ll update our valuable customers with more details specifically related to New VW Amarok Accessories.

Swiss Vans upgrades

If you’re looking to make your Amarok stand out from the crowd even more, Swiss Vans has a range of upgrade options and new VW Amarok accessories, including its WASP styling pack for a more sporty bodykit:

  • 19 or 20-inch silver or black powder alloy wheels
  • Tonneau covers with black styling bars
  • Black powder-coated bumpers and side bars

Our typical standalone new VW Amarok accessories include:

  • Styling or roll bars
  • Tonneau covers and hardtops
  • Plastic load-liners
  • Fixed or removable towbars
  • Witness cameras 
  • Satellite tracking

Our alloys are sourced from brands including Assassin TRS, Aero, Aero Super-T, DTM, B+P Wraith, Wraith, TTRA-2 and KMC Holeshot. Our premium alloy brands include OZ Racing, Dotz, BBS, AEZ, Calibre and MOMO. 

If you’re not sure of what upgrades, additions or conversions are possible on the new Amarok (or even an older model), give us a call to talk it through.

Find the most suitable financing options

Rather than an immediate total payment, a Swiss Vans upgrade may also be made via finance repayments. As for getting your hands on the new Amarok itself, we offer several finance options. These include:

  • Buying it cash: a good option for individuals
  • Contract hire: a good option for businesses with large fleets 
  • Finance lease: you wouldn’t own the vehicle at term-end, but it’s a popular option with low premiums.
  • Lease purchase: an option if you want to keep the vehicle at term-end or you’re opting for a conversion. A better option for VAT-registered businesses.
  • Hire purchase: a good option to buy the vehicle, with VAT deferred or reduced.

For now, we wait in anxious expectation for the new Amarok to hit our shores – potentially the first quarter in 2023 – and try out its famed off-road features ourselves. And call us any time to discuss the details of New VW Amarok Accessories.

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