Ford Ranger Specifications – Discover the New Truck

Ford Ranger Specifications – Discover the New Truck

Ford lovers around the world are rejoicing over the new Ford Ranger’s arrival. Here in the UK we are anxiously awaiting the full release of Ford’s newest off-road UTE. This truck is bound to turn heads and pave new roads. Built to meet the demands of workers who go where there are no roads — strong enough to plough through any condition, and bold enough to go where no man has gone before. The piēce de résistance is the matching interior and exterior which compliments the truck’s immense power. Keep reading further to know more about new Ford Ranger specifications and its awe-inspiring performance. We offer Bridgend ford to you.

New Ford Ranger Specifications

Power for all life’s adventures

Built to give you all the power you will ever need, the Ford Ranger comes with three different engines to choose from, including the ultra-beefy 3.0 litre V6 diesel. The 10 speed automatic gearbox and permanent four-wheel drive or electric shift-on-the-fly system make this beast a perfect go anywhere work truck — that even an adventurer can love. To make this truck even better, the front wheels have been moved forward an extra 50 mm — leaving room for the radiator to breathe or even extra upgrades in the future. 

New Ford Ranger on the Go 

This truck was meant to take mud as a trophy. The frame has been lifted, allowing for an improved fording depth of 800 mm — so much better than the 500 mm of other trucks. The raise in the height also allows extra protection for the belly of the truck and the ability to don up to 20” tyres. The Ranger will go through heavy rain, deep mud, or the slickest ice, and make it almost seem like your everyday drive. It will conquer any path you go down, with six drive modes to choose from and an improved chassis. It is also the magic combination for any condition of city driving — wet, dry, icy, or tight turning. All Ford Ranger specifications combined, this truck is capable of going on some of the most extreme off-roading situations — even with a full, heavy load. 

A beast inside and out 

The new Ford Ranger is wider than any previous model, giving it a beefy look plus improving its performance. The whole truck was designed to match the overall power it has — inside and out — this truck is the epitome of a beast. C shaped lights in the front, black and chrome details, spectacular trim, plus a buffed-up body size compliments the power under its hood. Alloy wheels, chrome trim, and leather interior make up the add-ons you can have based on the choice of one of the five trims available. There is powerful tech inside with dual screens for all your functionality needs, plus digital dials that can be customized to show what’s important to you.

New Ford Ranger Lease specifications allow you to haul it all 

This truck was meant to be a powerful workhorse with everything you would ever need. The up to 1,296 kg of stowability and extra tow payload of up to 3.5 tonnes, does not disappoint. With the extra width in the cargo area, there’s plenty of room for a standard EuroPallet between the wheelbases. The tail gate is where all the real action can be found. Designed to help you do more, the tailgate can hold and bear extra weight plus leave room for all the long heavy items you need to haul — or serve as the entertainment zone when the work is over. Do it all with the incredible Ford Ranger specifications such as integrated cargo management system, and have the optional 400watt power socket outlet installed, then you’re set to go. You can even use it as a workbench, complete with a cupholder, built-in ruler, and clamp pockets. If you have a shorty on your workforce, or you just don’t want to climb, there is a step hidden away in the bodywork right behind the rear wheels. If you have a rather large crew, you can select the super cab body style for an extra rear seat. There are also two other body styles available, including standard and double cab. 

Staying connected and tech minded

Ford knows the importance of staying connected to your fleet, office, and the outside world, that’s why they included the Sync 4a infotainment with up to a 12″ screen, wireless charging, cloud connectivity, and voice command control. To keep you connected to your truck or the whole fleet, the FordPass app will allow you to monitor real-time truck status, give you health alerts, and allow you to control certain features such as the zone lighting system, remote start, or the lock/unlock functions. 

So many options

With a few Ford Ranger Lease models to choose from, there are also going to be over 150 accessory options available when the Ranger hits the UK, giving you the ability to have a one of a kind truck designed to suit your custom work needs and pleasure as well. We will take about a few of the Ford Ranger specifications that add functionality, and a few that add comfort for now. Depending on the trim and model you choose, you can have added safety for your load with an electric rolling cover or a manual roll top. If you have to work late at night, the team at Ford has thought of you, too. You can have the optional Zone Lighting package installed to be able to see all around the truck in the darkness — they can even be controlled remotely with FordPass. For those tricky blind spots and better back up assistance, you can have a 360-degree camera and the technology package with extra driver assist modes added to your Ranger.

Order yours today

Order your Ford Ranger today. It’s certain to be your favourite work beast yet. For the utmost in power choose the 284 hp V6 3.0 litre diesel engine with the highest trim and model, you’ll be impressed with the places you can go and the loads you can haul. Swiss Vans has tons of financing options. You’re sure to find an option that’s fit for your budget — lease, contract hire, or lease purchase. If you need a work van to tide you over until your Ranger comes in, you can take advantage of one of our off-roading vans for rent. Give us a call to talk customisation and finance. Also if you wish to discuss Ford Ranger specifications with our staff, you may book a phone call today.

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