Ford Transit Alloy Wheels – Making the Right Choice

Ford Transit Alloy Wheels – Making the Right Choice

When you think of white vans, your first thought is Ford Transit. There’s a good reason for that, too. The Ford Transit family makes the most versatile van line there is. Need a great work van? Transit. Want an off-road worthy camper van that you can take anywhere? Ford Transit. We could discuss motors, transmissions, and extras for days, but we would go nowhere without tyres. They are the thing that keeps you rolling down the road, so why not make sure they are the best. Keep reading further to know how a set of Ford Transit Alloy Wheels will help your Transit Van stand out from the crowd.

Steel Wheels Vs. Ford Transit Alloy Wheels

Wheels are more than just a statement piece or necessity to make your van move. The type, style, and condition of your wheels play a huge role in what your van can do and where it can go. Which is better, steel or alloy? To determine this, first let’s explore how they are made. Alloy is made mostly from a combination of aluminium and magnesium. They are lighter than steel wheels, providing better fuel efficiency, easier braking, more rust resistance, and longer life. Regardless of the way it sounds, steel wheels are also an alloy wheel. They are made with a combination of iron and carbon. Steel wheels are heavier and not as easy to mould into the fancy styles.

So many different styles

When most people think of wheels, they think only of material and size — 16” or 17” alloy. There is much more to think about when getting new wheels. Your wheels are actually a lot like shoes for your feet — many sizes, styles, materials, brands, and types. The different styles are based on the amount of spokes the wheel has. The style depends on how the wheel is cast. For an edgy look, you can choose the claw spoke wheel. Some spoke styles have intricate patterns, while others are simple and traditional. The choice of style depends solely on how you want the Ford Transit Alloy Wheels to look.

Winter wear

With winter upon us, it is time to get your van fitted with its winter tyres. Winter tyres have special tread and more rubber content to keep the tyres softer, which allows your vehicle to grip the road better. Your winter tyres will enable you to stop easier and not slip as much when the roads get wet and icy. Having summer tyres can work in any condition, but the value you have in stopping, grip and safety with winter tyres is incomparable. If you choose not to buy a second set of tyres to have on for the season only, you do have other options. You can purchase snow socks or chains to put over your Ford Transit Alloy Wheels to improve grip.

Off-road or all terrain tyres?

Another good tyre to have is off-road tyres. These are designed to hold a better grip, no matter where the path takes you. These tyres have a stronger body to give more support and prevent the risks of damage to the body of your van. Off-road tyres are perfect for muddy or uneven roads, camping, and going on adventures. If you plan to drive off-road a lot, investing in these tyres will prove valuable to you. For the driver who spends only half the time off-road, a good set of all terrain tyres are your best bet. All terrain tyres are designed with certain technologies and tread to provide better traction on or off-road. The tread pattern on all terrain tyres offers an advanced shoulder for gravel, icy, sandy, muddy, or uneven roads.

Know your size

The size of your wheel is an important thing to know, since not every wheel size will fit your van. When getting new wheels, you need to pay attention to the nut pattern and the size, so you can ensure they fit properly. Wheel sizes range from 12 inches to 24 inches and 5 inches to 10 inches in diameter. The most common size of wheel for Ford Transit vans is 16, 17 or 18 inches. The measuring of the wheel’s diameter includes only the wheel, not the tyre. The next measurement is the width. This determines what tyres can fit the van. A wider wheel fits a wider tyre — giving more tyre contacting the road and more of a grip. One of the most important measurements for your wheel is the centre bore. If the centre bore is different from the van’s, your tyres will not fit. Another vital measurement is the PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter. This refers to the number of bolts and the diameter through the middle of the wheel and bolts. A 5×104 PCD equals 5 bolts with a 104 mm diameter. If you get the PCD measurement wrong on your wheel, you will not be able to fit the wheel to your van, or you will need a wheel hub adaptor. You will also need to keep your load rating in mind when selecting wheels. To better fit your tyres for the safety of yourself and your van, ensure the wheels are van rated. Knowing the size of your wheel is one of the most important things you should know about your van.

Keeping them clean and new

With all the driving you may do on a normal basis, your wheels can become rather dirty. If keeping them clean and looking new at all times is important to you, then read on. There are special cleaning solutions available for Ford Transit Alloy Wheels. This is a high-quality cleanser made special for your wheels, not the rest of your van. If you do use the same soap as you would the rest of your van, you risk leaving traces of the dirt that may be baked-on or the brake dust that builds up. Simply apply the cleaner, let it sit as directed, and use a brush or wet sponge to scrub the dirt away. Then use a pressure washer to rinse the Ford Transit Alloy Wheels — getting even more dirt and grime off them. Finish this off with a speciality wheel wax to prevent build-up of brake dust and dirt — leaving a nice shine.

Buy your van today

Here at Swiss Vans, we got everything you need to drive off the lot in your new or used Ford Van, equipped with your own special set of Ford Transit Alloy Wheels. We also have all the financing options to fit any budget. Come in today to rent or purchase a van. Need a whole fleet? Try our lease or contracted purchase options.

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