2023 VW Amarok Build Slots & Availability

2023 VW Amarok Build Slots & Availability

The 2023 VW Amarok is a major update from the 2010 version. The much anticipated release is coming fast, and some people just can’t wait! Working in collaboration with the Ford Ranger team, Volkswagen has come out with a strong, no holds barred work truck that will take your business to even the remotest of places. The Amarok is expected to come out with many different ways to make it custom for business owners and the adventurous alike. When will we finally see the 2023 VW Amarok on the show floor? If you’re like many of the others who want their Amarok custom designed off the factory floor, you can place your order for a build slot. Today we’re going to explore when the 2023 Amarok will be released, and the what’s and how’s on build slots for your custom Amarok.

Looks and space to match the power

The 2023 VW Amarok looks just as rugged and wild, as it is powerful. Carrying over very few features from previous Amaroks and partnering with the all new Ford Ranger, the team at Volkswagen worked hard to make the Amarok stand out with its own style. The powerful contours, unique front bumper with LED lights and C shaped rear lights will mean you will stand out from the crowd. The 2023 VW Amarok is longer than its predecessor, with an increased width between the axles — there is so much more space all around. The cargo area can hold up to 1.28 m³ of tools, gear, and materials — with an extended 2.52 m³ of space. Altogether, the Amarok can haul up to a 1-ton payload. Need more payload? The Amarok will be capable of towing an additional 3.5 tons. When it comes to space in the cab, you will have the option of a single or an extra spacious double cab. Speaking of the cab, the Amarok is set to have updated technology including a 10” touch screen infotainment system, as standard. There are several trims to give you the option to truly customise to suit your needs. The upper level trims come with goodies like colour match bumpers, soft touch faux leather dashboard, all black wheels, and a 12” customisable digital cockpit system.

Power and tractions

The 2023 VW Amarok comes with a choice of six motors, though which ones are going to be available to the UK is still to be determined. The Amarok is bound to come to the UK with the choice of three 4 cylinder 2.0 litre diesel motors. One guarantee, we will see an option of a beefy 3.0 V6 diesel motor, including up to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. No matter which engine you choose, you will have a powerful all-wheel drive truck with a wading depth of up to 800 mm — an increase from the typical 500 mm. The Amarok is built to go anywhere with a choice of several different 4motion options and permanent 4×4 or all wheel, in combination with over 20 brand new driver assists — making 30 in total. Depending on the trim level, you can also select between six drive modes to make your driving experience easier on city roads, ice, mud, or even steep slopes or inclines. By selecting the highest trim, you can have wheels up to 20”.  

Customising your 2023 VW Amarok

In typical fashion, there are so many extras to fulfil your needs or wants. For those who need a bit of protection for the cargo area due to the hauling of harsh loads, you can opt for a UV-resistant “Durabed” coating with anthracite. There are plenty of options to add extra lighting, especially with the choice of lights for the cargo area. By choosing one of the top trim levels, the Amarok comes with a top of the line Harman Kardon sound system and ‘IQ-Light’ that dip automatically upon the presence of street lights, oncoming traffic, or traffic lights.

When will the 2023 VW Amarok be released?

The 2023 VW Amarok does not have a set release date, but it may show up on sales floors in the next few months in the UK. You can begin placing your order or reserve a build spot as soon as January or February 2023. Prices are not set yet, but you should be starting around £45,000 for a standard single cab, starting at £33,000 for a double cab or other advanced features, or if you want all the extras the price will go up to around £51,000.

What is a build slot?

When you go into the dealer’s office to place an order for your 2023 VW Amarok, you will likely have to put a deposit on a build slot. The best way to explain a build spot is to take you to the factory. When they are building a vehicle, they determine how many will be built prior to production starting. Whatever number is chosen to be built and shipped to each location is given a build slot to mark out a time frame for production. Let’s say 10,000 were to be built this time. You go into the dealer to put a deposit on a build spot to reserve it. The dealer says the next build spot he has been allotted is number 5,400. You choose the way you want your Amarok built, all custom extras, and pay your deposit. When the factory gets to the 5,400th Amarok they put together your truck for you to take home as soon as it’s released.

Placing your order

Give us a call or come on over to Swiss Vans to choose your Amarok style and power needs, then reserve a build slot for your custom Amarok, today. We have several financing options to help you with final payments. No matter if you want one vehicle or a whole fleet, you can lease, contract and purchase. Need a van today to get your business on the road until your 2023 VW Amarok is ready? We have several rental options to choose from.


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