What does Van Modifications Mean?

What does Van Modifications Mean?

If you’ve been searching the internet for vans and van-related info, and especially if you’re into making things your own, you’ve probably come across the terms “van modification”. But what does it mean? At Swiss, we like to make sure that our customers know exactly what they’re getting (and that they get exactly what they want), so here it is: the Swiss Vans brief guide to modified transit custom vans

Custom Van Modification Basics

Essentially, van modification is super simple. It just means any modifications or changes that you (or we) make to your van. It can be anything from engine remapping to fitting a spoiler: anything from complex and mechanical to stylistic preference.

There are a huge variety of reasons why people might want to modify their vans, from needing chunkier tyres and different suspension for rougher terrain to fitting an upgrade kit for a sportier aesthetic. The things is, you’re in your van for a serious amount of time every day, so it pays to customise it in just the way you want / need, whether that’s mechanical, stylistic, or both. You can modify a panel van or a double cab

What We Offer at Swiss

Because we know that everyone’s needs are different, we offer a huge range of modifications (mods) and upgrades at Swiss Vans. We know that your van has to suit your lifestyle, so we do our best to make that happen. The list that follows is not exhaustive — if you want it, we can probably get it — but it will give you a good idea of modifications in general and what we do routinely as Swiss specifically. And as always, if you have any questions, our friendly sales team will be more than happy to answer them.

Alloy Wheels

that come with factory-installed alloy wheels, but they tend to be the higher-end models. If one of those doesn’t suit your lifestyle but you still want the stability and style of alloys, or just if you don’t like the look of the factory wheels, we can help. We have a huge range of alloys in a variety of rim sizes, so we can help you to get the look and the practicality you need. And while alloys are included in our great upgrade kits, they’re also available on their own, so we can be as flexible as you need us to be.

Front Splitter

Vans can look boring. Even we know this, and we love vans! If you want to liven up the look of your van without spending a fortune, consider a front splitter. By splitting the front bumper and adding in a new section, it completely transforms the curb appeal of your vehicle, and with multiple splitters available, we can offer you more stylish, more sporty, or even ABT. Our splitters are available as part of our upgrade kits or on their own.

Side Bars or Side Skirts

If you want to enhance the look of your van with some sleekness down the side, and you want to protect your side panels and side doors from everyday dents, scrapes, dings, and damage, then side bars or side skirts are definitely the way to go. They give the sides of your van a buffer from daily damage, and they give you a new, upgraded look for your daily drive.

Rear Diffusers

Similar to a front splitter, a rear diffuser adds a section to the rear bumper area of your van to create a great new look. As ever, we have a range of styles and options available, so you can customise your van with just the style you want. 

Rear Spoilers

Increase your aerodynamics and the amazingness of your van! A rear spoiler is a great way to improve air flow over the back of the vehicle — useful for helping to reduce fuel consumption if you do a lot of miles and especially at speed — and it’s also a fantastic way to add style and personalisation. 


We can arrange for carpeting for your van for interior doors, panels, and the ceiling. With a huge range of colours and durable, long-lasting fabrics, our carpeting can totally transform the van’s interior; you get increased comfort and style for a truly unique, customised experience. We also offer a soundproofing service, so you can create a comfy haven free from the noise and harshness of the road. It’s your van, make it one you love to be in.


Everyone needs a little luxury! Our leather interiors service in partnership with Hell4Leather is second to none in terms of its quality, style, and pricing. We have standard leather, Nappa, mock sued: from hard-wearing to utter decadence, we can help. At Swiss, we offer lots of different stitching styles — hexagon, honeycomb, diamond, box, Bentley, etc. — and a choice of 34 different colors, so you really will be spoiled for choice. Piping and perforations are free, and you can also have your leather upholstery customized with your company’s logo or whatever else you might want. All of our leather work comes with a 12-month guarantee (upgradable to 3 years), so you can be confident that the workmanship and material quality are assured.

Other Modification Extras

You can also go for roof bars, the amazing, British-made Vanorak storage system, a steering-wheel upgrade, ply lining of the cargo area, and more. We offer ABT upgrade kits too, so if that’s the look for you, we can help.

Swiss Vans For Sale

We saved the best for last! At Swiss, we also offer our famous, much-loved WASP and Hornet upgrade kits. Whether you want a more classic style or the latest in sportiness, our kits add interest and value to your van. With a splitter, spoiler, alloys, and more, our kits provide the perfect enhancements to your van at the perfect price. And what’s even better is that you can add the cost of your modification with Swiss to your lease agreement, so you can spread out the cost. 

Your imagination (and maybe your budget) really is the limit with what you can do when it comes to modifying your van. And as ever, our friendly customer service team is ready to point you in whatever direction you need to go.

Give us a call at Swiss today to discuss van modifications for your vehicle, and let us help you build your perfect van.

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