The new Amarok!

VW Amarok Tailgate

The new Amarok!

On the 7th of June 2022, Volkswagen made sure we knew what was in front of us – the all-new Amarok. What’s more, its debut is soon around the corner. As one of the company’s premium pick-ups, its tailgate is the main highlight in the promotional video, its name engraved in metal and placed centre stage.

For both commercial uses and people with big hobbies, pick-ups are transportation Gods that many regions could not imagine life without. The need to be able to carry large and heavy loads off-road is essential. This doesn’t need to be a worry for the future owners of the Amarok – this vehicle, depending on model and specification, can handle large loads of up to 1.2 tonnes behind the tailgate of the newly designed cargo box.

At its absolute peak performance and with some help from engine and gearbox variants, this vehicle can tow a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. In these models, the vehicle’s name is proudly displayed on the front of the vehicle.

Combined with the already revealed ‘I.Q.Light’, the engraved Amarok on the tailgate is the new trademark of the expert engineering team from Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles branch. The design has already been highlighted in great, cinematic detail but more details are due to be presented in the next couple of weeks.

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