Swiss Vans Stock April 2022 For Delivery

  • SWB Transit Custom various colours ring. Black, white, silver, blue
  • LWB Transit Custom limited Black, white, silver, blue
    High roof Transit Custom ring small numbers
  • Automatic Transit Custom Used. New Due August onwards but we think it will be delayed
  • Converted Transit Custom DCIV in stock x 10
  • VW order and forget. VW Order book closing for T6.1
  • Renault Trafic stock coming in WASP and Hornet
  • Citroen all models available to order 6- 12 month delivery
  • Mercedes in stock but prices high

    Used Ex Lease Vans Vehicles in prep
    VW Transporter 2020 40K miles DSG LWB Black £37999
    VW Transporter Hornet 199 SWB £52999 13K Grey
    VW Transporter Kombi 159 2018 In Preparation POA
    T6.1 150 Hornet SWB Fontana Red In Hornet prep 3 down 12 x £650 a month 15K PA
    T6 2018 SWB 150 Panel van grey 33K miles £26999
    T6 2018 LWB 150 Grey van grey 40K £26999
    Account holders only on 12 month lease
    Transit Custom DCIV LWB 2018 Blue £24,000 arriving
    Transit Custom 2017 SWB 130 WASP Grey Arriving
    Transit Custom 2020 SWB Automatic 13K £29999 Orange

    12 Month Lease For Account Holders 15K PA
  • 2022 T6.1 150 Hornet SWB Fontana Red In Hornet prep 3 down 12 x £699 a month
    2022 Transit Custom Hornet Panel Van 130 3 down 12 x £549 a month
    2022 Trafic Sport Panel Van WASP 3 down 12 x £499 a month
  • 2022 Various Toyota Panel Vans 3 down 12 x £499 a month

Stock in build or preparation

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