New VW Amarok Aventura Specifications


New VW Amarok Aventura Specifications


Pick-up and utility drivers prepare for power, comfort and style! At Swiss Vans we are excited to see the new Amarok Aventura from Volkswagen hit the roads from January 2023. After the wildly successful first-generation Amarok ceased being manufactured in 2020 it left a gap in the commercial vehicle high-end pick-up and posh van market. During this hiatus, Volkswagen collaborated in an alliance with Ford to create the all-new Amarok range in conjunction with the new Ford Ranger. The double-cabin or dual-cab VW Amarok Aventura 2023 is one of two top-of-the-range models – the off-road aimed PanAmerican being the other – and offers an exciting, premium driving experience without sacrificing any of the practicality essential for pick-up drivers.

Engine and Transmission

The VW Amarok Aventura is powered by a 3.0-litre single turbo diesel V6 engine, with an impressive 237bhp@3250rpm torque and a 3.5-tonne towing capacity via the built-in trailer coupling. It has an estimated top speed of 112mph and does 0-62mph in approximately 8.0 seconds. The transmission is a 10-speed auto with selectable four-wheel drive mode and VW has further refined the steering to be more responsive and manoeuvrable in conjunction with the improved transmission and drive mode options.


Distinctive VW styling is prominent on the Aventura exterior with 20-inch alloy wheels’ standard and a 21-inch alloy option housed in squared-off wheel arches. The Aventura offers a bespoke, X-design front bumper, chrome inlay step treads, exterior mirrors, and door handles in chrome, new “IQ. Light” LED matrix headlights, a distinctive rear with embossed logo across the load bay flap, chrome applications to the rear bumper, rear LED lights, and a body-colour sports bar that blends seamlessly into the overall design. There are load-covering options available including a manual load cover and an electric load compartment roll-cover system that is available as an accessory.

Load Capacity and Loading Bay Functionality

The loading bay is 1,544mm long and 1,206mm wide and possesses a truly impressive capacity with the ability to accommodate two Euro pallets, a weight capacity limit of 1.16 tonnes and the loading area is illuminated by LED lighting and includes built-in lashing eyes for securing loads. Euro pallets must be loaded crosswise and the location of sturdy lashing eyelets accommodates this load orientation requirement. The roof is able to bear a strapped-down load reaching up to 85kg while being driven and when stationary, can handle up to 350kg. There is even a four-person roof tent available from Volkswagen that takes advantage of this increased roof load capacity. The built-in trailer coupling is standard across the whole Amarok range which translates to an increased maximum legal towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes that is controlled through the electronic transmission with towing information available on the navigation system touchscreen.


Weighing in at 2540kg of steel and aluminium, the VW Amarok Aventura has expanded from the previous generation. The loading bay is 1,544mm long and 1,206mm wide which is a very minor reduction from the previous generation. However, the overall vehicle size is larger, and the Aventura is 5,350mm long, an increase of 96mm, with a wheelbase of 3,270mm which provides an additional 173mm in width. These increases are mostly felt in the interior with well improved rear passenger legroom and seat width allowing five adults to be accommodated comfortably.

Interior of Amarok Aventura

Instead of feeling like just another posh van or pick-up, the new VW Amarok Aventura feels more akin to an up-market SUV with a spacious, well-equipped, comfortable and classy interior. The leather seat covers on plush foam cushion seats are high-quality, and the soft-touch faux leather enhanced with stitching on the dash top, gearshift panel and upper door sills all add to the luxury experience. The additional cabin space, which improves upon the previous generation, offers increased comfort and legroom for rear passengers especially, thanks to the additional length and width. No longer is a tall rear passenger impacted so significantly by a tall driver. Two-zone climate control further extends the consideration paid to rear passengers. The steering wheel is multi-function with buttons and toggles for a variety of functions that control drive, phone and audio connectivity and settings, while the light control panel is set to the right of the steering wheel. Storage options inside the dual-cabins include a glovebox, door pockets, phone storage and wireless charging below the touch screen in addition to USB-C and USB-A sockets and the ever-essential drink holders.

Touchscreen and Audio

The most prominent interior feature is the central 12.3-inch (30.48cm) navigation system which offers an extensive tablet-style touch display which is portrait oriented and allows individual configuration. This touchscreen – while similar to the Ford Ranger offering – differs distinctly by utilising VW software and over-the-air updates. The touchscreen has improved functionality via the touchable buttons which are situated just below the touchscreen. These buttons allow physical control over commonly used functions which is particularly useful when adjusting the air-conditioning, audio volume and drive modes for on and off-road conditions. The VW Amarok Aventura possesses Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity to further enhance the audio experience which performs extremely well in both on-road and off-road settings courtesy of the premium Harman Kardon sound system which includes a subwoofer and amplifier behind the rear backrest.

Safety and Driver Assist Features

There are up to 25 Safety, driver and parking assist features included in the new VW Amarok Aventura and as a result it received a five-star score from Euro NCAP, an independent safety body. Driver assistance includes Smart Speed Limiter and Smart Speed Assist which are forms of cruise control that function in tandem with ACC automatic distance control and traffic sign recognition to adjust and control vehicle speed in response to traffic conditions, hazards and road signage. The Multicollision Brake functions are particularly valuable when carrying near-capacity loads to prevent further collisions by reducing vehicle speed safely with hazard warning lights automatically illuminated. There is a 360-degree, wide view camera system in addition to expanded Side Assist functions, with the lane change assistant also very functionally including trailers. Park Assist includes front and rear parking sensors, parking space suitability sensors and steering assistance when parking. The “IQ. Light” lighting systems includes adaptive lighting that automatically adjusts to driving conditions, including when facing oncoming traffic. The range of safety features elevate the driving experience from standard van or pick-up to that of a luxury vehicle.

Buy Your New VW Amarok Aventura Today

The new VW Amarok Aventura is an impressive pick-up option and at Swiss Vans we have many van and pick-up purchase and lease options to suit any budget. From single vehicle leasing to whole fleet purchases, if you’re looking for an upgrade on your commercial vehicle, we can support you through the selection process. At Swiss Vans we even offer custom modifications to guarantee your van or pick-up meets your needs. Contact us about the new VW Amarok Aventura, today!

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