New 2023 VW Amarok

New 2023 VW Amarok

The all New VW Amarok is shortly back on the order books. This fast and capable truck disappeared in 2019 and was sorely missed. It was one of the fastest pick up trucks ever to appear on the market and was a great success for Volkswagen Vans.
The trouble as ever was emissions hence it died very quickly.
But now its back with less emissions than ever. We think prices will be typically £500 to £800 a month so its really not just for your average builder

Or the VW Amarok Bakkie as its known in South Africa
VW Amarok

New 2023 VW Amarok

Amarok 2023 Standard

We tend to order high spec automatic trucks for stock. Stock is limited initially. Delivery 2023 onwards at lease.
New Volkswagen Amarok

Amarok WASP

This budget priced custom van with larger alloys and just a few subtle styling modifications
New 2023 VW Amarok

Amarok Hornet

Custom modified and unique. Wheel arch extensions. Modified front grille and paint.
Large alloy wheels.

VW Amarok Urban

For picking up kids from school and looking really mean to the other parents

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