Mixed Stock March 29 2022

The following vehicles are in stock or about to arrive. Its worth ringing us as stock and prices can change daily. Welcome to 2022.
But f you are fed up of endless hours on the phone you will find a van.

  • Ford Custom SWB 130 WASP Hornet or Just Plain
    Silver Hornet x 2
    Silver plain x 3
    Black x 2
    Magnetic x 2
    Chrome blue x 3
    White x 1
  • Ford Custom SWB 130 Double Cab 130 WASP Hornet Or Just Plain
    Double Cab Silver Hornet x 2
    Double Cab Silver plain x2
    Double Cab Magnetic x 1
    Double Cab Chrome Blue x 2
  • Ford Custom LWB
    Double Cab Magnetic x 2
  • Ford Custom Double Cab 130 LWB
    LWB Magnetic x 2
  • Ford Ranger Hornet x1 Black (potentially 2)
  • VW Transporter 150 Highline in stock Barn doors manual x 1
  • Renault Trafic Hornet 130 Grey

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