Freezer and Chiller Vans – Novel Technology by Ford

Freezer and Chiller Vans – Novel Technology by Ford

When you’re running a business, you want only the best in equipment. The multi-award winning Ford Transit family has been a trusted brand for business owners for over 50 years. The Ford Transit Custom family has made waves in the UK with the Ford Transit Custom Freezer and Chiller vans. These vans are making business easier for the local florist, the butcher, and others that need to keep things cold or frozen. If you are in the market for a new van, follow along to learn more. 

Power and Savings

If you own a business that requires the transport of cold or frozen items, these vans can’t be beat! Powered by a Duratorq TDCi engine, these vans get around 15 km/l — giving you around 1,100 miles of driving before requiring a refill. Allowing you to spend more on product and less on fuel.

How Do Freezer and Chiller Vans Save Money for My Business?

Conservation and fuel saving are very hot topics nowadays. The Turbo Diesel Commonrail Injection (TCDi) diesel engine is built to deliver torque throughout almost the entire operating range. The way it helps you is by using a turbocharger and common rail injection system to deliver fuel directly to the combustion chamber — making for better performance, less fuel consumption, and an eco-friendlier drive. To put that in more detailed terms, you can achieve around 1,100 km drive time before you need to refuel. If you really want to beef up your savings and fuel efficiency, opt for the Econetic model and achieve an impressive 48 mpg. 

Space Galore

Freezer and Chiller vans were designed to provide ample space for all your storage and hauling needs. Their cargo space is 6 cubic metres with a short wheelbase, and 8.3 cubic metres for vans with longer wheelbases. The double back doors on both vans open 90° and 180° for easy loading and unloading. As a bonus, the Ford Transit Custom Van allows for towabilty of a trailer to haul all the extra tools and equipment for your business. 

Fancy Extras with Freezer and Chiller Vans

There are a variety of extras you can add to both the Transit Freezer and Chiller vans to make their hauling easier and safer. Among them are floor additions to secure flowers, cargo dividers to keep your cargo separate, and electrical standby (ESB). Curtains and other window treatments can also be added to your load to protect it from the sun, and maybe add a touch of decor.

Ford Transit Custom Chiller Van

The Ford Transit Custom Chiller van is designed to handle everything your business needs to haul and store, with temperatures that range from 0º C and as high as 8º C. The van is perfect for loading and unloading, with the back door opening 180º outward. If you haul a lot of refrigerated items, this van is an excellent piece of equipment to add to your fleet. The bonus to Ford’s Chiller van is in the upgrades. One such bonus is the Chiller’s ability to allow the refrigeration unit to work without the motor running. For an even more posh modification, opt for the upgrade of sectioned areas with separate temperature control, which allows you to haul meat in one area and veggies in the other — meaning your van can work a double shift, instead of you.

The Magic Behind the Technology

The chiller works a lot like your household refrigerator. The first step is adding insulation to ensure airtight operation. A condenser is located in each refrigerated van, which is responsible for condensing hot gas into liquid and dispersing the remaining heat. The liquid then enters the evaporator through a valve, which cools the liquid and circulates it throughout the cargo bay through fans. So your fresh bouquets and sandwiches can stay cool at any temperature you choose.

Who should own it?

With enough space to hold two standard sized palettes, this van is perfect for a florist, chef, restaurant owner who routinely picks up their own supplies, caterer, or anyone who needs to keep their goods chilled during transport. 

Ford Transit Custom Freezer Van

Do you haul homemade or pre-packaged ice cream, or maybe seafood? If you need to haul anything frozen to temperatures down to -25º C, the Ford Transit Custom Freezer van is the perfect answer for your business. Some units even add a rapid defrost option that reverses the process used to freeze to thaw your load quickly and safely. This freezer van can even be customised to allow the freezer to work without the motor running, so you can rest assured your cargo is safe from spoilage — even on those summer nights. If you want even more extras, Ford is not shy to deliver. Upgrading to a higher trim level will net you with extras like alloy wheels, parking sensors, cruise control, and a DAB radio. 

How does the freezer unit work?

The magic of the freezer van is thicker insulation, and reinforced doors to keep the temperature from fluctuating. This unit can be set to much colder temperatures — between 4º and -25º C. In addition to fibreglass casings and copper plumbing, it has low-maintenance components, which makes it a quality and long-lasting option. This means you have all the control you need to transport your frozen goods safely and efficiently with an in-cab display.

Who should own the Transit Custom Freezer van?

If you own or plan to start a meat or seafood transportation company, Ice Cream company, catering business, or restaurant — this van is perfect for you. 

Buying your van or the whole fleet

Here at Swiss Vans, we are happy to help you determine the right Transit Custom van for your business. We will even customise it for you to fit your unique needs. With our financing plans, we have an option for every budget — lease or buy straight up. We also have a rental option if you want to try the van on for size before deciding. If you need to buy a whole fleet, it is worth your time to check into the PCP payment option that enables you to buy our vans on contract. Regardless of the choice you make from Freezer and Chiller Vans, our professional staff will guide you step by step to make the best possible decision. We offer to deliver the UK vans direct to your home or office.

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