Trail and Active by Ford for Off-Road Trips

Trail and Active by Ford for Off-Road Trips

Going on a camping trip is the pinnacle of fun. Getting to your remote camping spot has been made easy with the Ford Transit Custom Trail and Active. The Ford Transit family is well known and celebrated as having the best electric vans in the UK for business and pleasure. These two vans were made to haul it all for a business or facilitate fun with their off-road capabilities, loads of extras, and additional customisation options. These vans were meant to hit the trail, go wherever life takes you, and be eco-friendly in the process.

Enjoy Power and Control with Transit Custom Trail and Active

The Ford Transit Custom family was built for power and control, even on the road less travelled. Powered by a 2.0-litre Ecoblue diesel engine plus an added 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain, the vans offer fuel efficiency and immense power — while keeping the ecosystem cleaner. With regenerative braking, the van’s battery is recharged while you are driving; this allows you to go longer between refills and reduces fuel and emissions. To further add efficiency, there are selectable driving modes — normal for everyday use or EcoMode to enhance performance. Plus, the vans feature driver assistance technology. It’s basically like having someone else drive for you, with so many features that make driving faster, safer, and more convenient than ever. Of Course for real off road driving nothing is better than the Land Rover Defender

Off-road Driving with Ford Trail and Active

The Trail and Active were built to go off-road with the use of mechanical limited-slip differential (mLSD), including electronic stability control with a manual transmission. These vans are Front-Wheel Drive, with their movability and traction, you would never know. If you want all-wheel drive instead, they can be equipped with Intelligent All-Wheel drive. Going down rocky or muddy roads is easy with these vans. A bonus is the smart features that provide assistance even in a sticky situation. Warning, though, if you get stuck in a rut or mud, you will need to disable the stability control so the differential can help you get out.

How does the  mLSD work?

Quaife’s mLSD technology allows the vans to find the path of least resistance by locking up stuck wheels and diverting torque to the free wheels, thus helping you gain traction to get out of mud, ruts, or wherever you’re stuck. It even helps with wet slippery roads. With all the technology and extras on these tough vans, it’s not like you’re getting stuck too often so the adventure can continue without stress on you or the van.

Storage and Seating

If cycling in the wild is your idea of a splendid day, you will love the Active! The rear seats run on a rail system. Meaning all seats can be removed to allow in-vehicle racks to be installed for your bicycles. There are even options for added securing devices to keep your bikes steady while on the move. The seats in the Active can also be moved around to allow more space for passengers, or reversed for conferences or a more social setting. The Active comes standard with a roof rack for extra storage space, the Trail can be customised to include one — making more space for bicycles or luggage. All this stowability allows you to focus on the fun ahead with Ford Transit Custom, instead of how you will stow it all.

Extras Available with Ford Custom Trail and Active

For extras available, the Ford Transit family can’t be beat. The Fordpass Connect modem and access to the Pro app, allows you to unlock a wide range of connectivity, and one touch control of several functions. This includes alerts enabling you to track the health of your electric van, plus location tracking through your phone. The smart features don’t stop there. With a blind spot information system and traffic sign recognition, you can stay aware of upcoming traffic and the road itself better.

The Transit Custom comes standard with the Ford Sync 3. You can control your radio, music, navigation system, and stay connected with the 8″ colour touchscreen — use your voice, tap, or pinch and swipe to control. It gets better — never be stuck with a surprise flat tire again, the pressure monitoring system will alert you to punctures and low pressure with an icon that lights up on the instrument panel. With all the built-in power, plus the extras, you can travel to all the places you want to see and bring back pictures of your wild adventures to share with everyone. The New Land Rover Defender

Camper Can Be Added

If you are an avid camper or just love the van life, the Transit family vans are well known to be great candidates for DIY or professional camper conversions — especially with its wide body and average 8.3 cubic metres of load space. They have even been chosen as the #1 pick in the UK for camper van conversions. There’s ample space to put a bed, yet still have room for a small kitchen and bathroom. Some camper van conversions even have a small stove and oven setup with cabinets.

To make your camper conversion more comfortable, there is an optional roof fan available. The options for turning this van into a camper for your van life or off-road adventures are unlimited. If a complete DIY job doesn’t sound ideal to you, there are conversion kits available, or you can have it professionally converted. The best part is, the 2023 Transit Trail may offer a camper van right off the showroom floor, according to hints on Twitter from Ford’s CEO. For now, a nice conversion will keep you travelling in style and increase the value of the Ford Transit Custom Trail and Active for the future.

How to Convert Your Ford Trail or Active Van?

Once you’ve decided to convert your van, it’s time to figure out your layout. Start by measuring the inside space — allowing room for your bed, cooking area, and bathroom or portable toilet. If you need ideas, search online for layout ideas — there are plenty of pictures and articles to inspire you. After measuring and planning the layout, it is time to add electric, water, gas, insulation, and lighting. Setting aside money to hire a professional to install the electric, water, and gas is well advised.  Next step is thinking about the interior decor and functionality, then adding the furnishing. If you are over 6 feet tall, there are aftermarket high-top upgrades available to give you the space you need to keep from hitting your head or feeling squished.
Alternatives are the Ford Transit Custom Lease and our own Transit Custom Urban and the Ford Transit Custom Double Cab

Get What You Want On Any Budget

When you decide to find a Ford Transit Custom Trail and Active electric vans for sale, there are several financing options available for any budget. Here at Swiss Vans, we have in-house financing, or you can lease your van through a third-party loan. If you want to try the van out or have it for your special trip only, we can find you a rental for your electric van. For all your customization needs, we offer posh and bespoke modification detailing and design, as well. We are truly flexible, so your wallet doesn’t have to be. With all the financing options available, you can be on the road to adventure in your new electric van.


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