Ford Transit Connect Specifications


Ford Transit Connect Specifications

First created in 2003 with the features of the Ford Fiesta and Focus cars in mind, the Ford Connect is one of the top small vans around. The Ford Transit Connect is the ideal van for all your business needs in the city. It can be modified to suit your needs with its short or long wheelbase. This Van was designed with manoeuvrability and versatility in mind. It comes in 3 models and even comes in a full electric option. If you need to haul goods, supplies, tools, or people around the city, then a Ford Transit Connect is the van you will want.

Power Options for Your Ford Transit Connect

The Connect has a 1.5 litre EcoBlue diesel engine with either 75, 100, or 120 PS. With the option of a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. All Ford diesel motors can be powered by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) to be more fuel and eco-efficient. If you want, there is also a 1.0 EcoBoost 100 PS turbo petrol motor with a 6-speed manual gearbox, as well. All Connects come standard with a 60 litre tank. The diesel motor is the most fuel efficient, reportedly giving you up to 65 mpg before needing to refuel. For the eco minded, there is even a fully electric motor option — to save you money on fuel and save the economy at the same time.


The Ford Transit Connect comes standard with several driver assist options, including ABS, to help you keep control of the van, no matter the weather or road condition. All Connects come with four-wheel drive, with the option of a limited-slip differential for better traction and control — even on muddy or icy days and uneven roads. Add a set of all-terrain or winter tyres to give an even better grip on any road — and off-road, if needed. Speaking of tyres, each model of Connect comes standard with a tyre inflation kit or spare tyre in case of a flat or tyre picture.


There are a few models of the Ford Transit Connect to choose from, with short or long wheelbase — cargo panel van, passenger van, or even a double cab-in-van model. With three trim levels — leader, sport, and trend — you’re sure to find all the features you need, inside and out. Each model is designed with safety in mind, coming standard with blind spot monitors and traffic alert features. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, you can choose a rear bumper to match the rest of the van’s colour.


The interior is designed to give you a car-like comfort, with tons of overhead storage and everything you need within reach. The Ford Transit Connect was designed to make city driving a breeze. With several colours to choose from, you can make your interior match or contrast the exterior, or even choose a unique colour palette for the fleet. Most Connects come with an 8-way driver’s seat, so you can find comfort whether you’re small or tall, thin or built. The sport trim, which comes standard with partial leather seats.

Load Capacity

Though there’s only one roof height option, this is a spacious van with a maximum payload capacity of 982 kg and 3.6M3. When you choose the long wheelbase option, you can transport just about anything — including long pipes and boards up to 3,400 mm in length. For more stowage space, you can have a roof rack or tow kit installed. If ferrying passengers is more important, the double cab-in-van model can accommodate up to 5 adults, plus still have ample space for one standard Europallet. For more people space, a three-person front bench or second row passenger seat is available as an option. Every Ford Transit Connect comes standard with a sliding door on the passenger side and steel bulkhead that opens 180 degrees. Choosing the Leader trim comes with the addition of a second solid steel side door to make loading and unloading of gear or people easier. You can even get an upgrade for the bulkhead door to make it open to 280 degrees for better loading.


The Ford Transit Connect is fitted with everything you need to stay connected, safe, and functional while on the road. For compatible phones, there is even a wireless charging station you can have installed. Every Connect comes with the FordPass Pro and optional Sync3 with a TFT touch screen up to 6 inches, so you can stay connected to your van, whether you have one or a whole fleet — and rest assured they are safe. You can also utilise the Wi-Fi hot spot for up to five devices, if you wish. Designed with business needs in mind, you’ll have features like Securialert, Active CityStop, and alerts to tell you of the van’s health. For even more control of your fleet and drivers, there are governors and programmable key fobs. The key fobs allow you to set it per driver specifications for several drivers.

Transit Connect Upgrades and Conversions

The number of conversions available for the Connect depends on your needs. For those that carry tools, supplies, and materials in the cargo area, they can be fitted with mesh netting, speciality flooring, and even a mounted organising unit. If you need a spot for fresh flowers, meat, food, or other cold and frozen items, there is a freezer or chiller kit. These units allow you to keep goods in temps from 0 to 25 degrees at all times. They can even be checked and controlled remotely for better ease and peace of mind. The Ford Transit Connect can even be converted for the adventurous minded with a camper conversion kit on the largest models.

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