Transit Connect Accessories for Ultimate Performance

Transit Connect Accessories for Ultimate Performance

The Ford Transit family is well-known worldwide. When it comes to white vans in the UK, the first name that comes to mind is Transit. The reason they are so well known is obvious when you look at the number of vans and customisation for them that is available. Their reliability and variety is unmatched. Today we will focus on the many Transit Connect Accessories available to enhance performance, stowability, organisation, and more of your Ford Van.

Performance On and Off-road

Though typically not thought of as accessories, Ford Transit has several things that can be added to improve the performance of your van, both on the road and off the beaten path. These include the iconic limited-slip differential and Intelligent all-wheel drive — both are made to allow for better control and traction. Other accessories that can help with performance include the ARB high output air compressor. Designed to inflate flat tyres, this air compressor is made of high-grade materials and made to last. You can simply put it in your cargo area so that you are never stuck off-road without it. For those long trips or to enable your Connect to be more fuel efficient you can have an extended range fuel tank installed on most models.

Transit Connect Accessories for Conversion

Taking your van off-road is what the Ford Transit was made for. What better reason to take your Transit Connect off-road than to go camping! The Connect can be converted into a camper with several Transit Connect Accessories including an oven, sink, portable toilet, bed, and plenty of different lighting options. With the highest roof setting and longest length, the Connect has plenty of room to make this van a complete home on wheels.

Stowability and Cargo

When it comes to storage, Ford has so many options that we can talk about them for days. One of the best accessories available is the chiller or freezer conversion kits. These allow you to haul everything from flowers to meat while holding temperatures between -25 to 38° C. Another great accessory is the roof rack. Though this is standard on some models, for others it is an option that will add much needed space. There is also a bike rack option that can be mounted to the roof or tow-bar. For people who like to travel the trails, having a bike to go where your van will not is ideal. The bike rack will hold up to four bicycles so you can cater to the entire family’s adventure capabilities. Speaking of adventure, there is also a rack that is perfect for your canoe. The canoe rack is designed to safely transport your canoe on the roof with an easy load ramp sides, padding, load straps, quick tie-downs, and buckle bumpers. Enjoy a pleasant or thrill filled ride down river after your smooth drive into the great outdoors.


This is another topic we could discuss all day. Let’s start small. To protect your van from bugs, rocks, and other debris, you can outfit your van with hood and window deflectors. Are you planning on carrying pipes or other objects that could bust a window if it hits hard enough? Ford has you covered with high-strength steel back window grills. To light up your area, Ford has a basket mounted light bracket by Yakima that can be mounted to the roof and hold any style, size, or type of light you may need for all your off-road and night adventures.

Up next is more Transit Connect Accessories for van life. Your Connect can come equipped with a portable shower or awning that can be easily attached or set up outside once you arrive at the place you will be camping. The Overland shower stall comes with a solar shower bag to make cleaning yourself a joy and give you that bit of privacy you need to change. The genuine Ford awning by Yakima is a great addition for camping; it can be easily attached to the side of your van and then stored on the roof rack when not in use.


When it comes to the interior of your van, you can get Transit Connect Accessories ranging from cargo protectors to lighting and even seats. Water and stain resistant cargo mats are great to protect your cargo area floors from scratches or dings. The mat is designed to be installed and removed without tools if you wish. For concealment of your cargo, you can get a security shade that instals over your laid and behind the second row of seats. This shade can easily be folded to store when not in use. For even more cargo protection, there is also a cargo net to keep all of your packages and other items from spilling throughout your van. You can even get an organiser for your cargo area that comes complete with adjustable and removable built-in bins and a mat, to keep your cargo area orderly.  

Security and Electronics Accessories 

One of the most popular Transit Connect Accessories for any Ford Transit van or fleet is the Ford Sync3 opens up so much control, entertainment, safety, and functionality. With the Sync3, you can have up to 5 devices connected to built-in Wi-Fi, remote start and lock or unlock your van, monitor the health and location, and much more. It truly is a must-have for everyone! Continuing with safety, there is a variety of security systems and cameras that can be added to your Connect. Also, you can add smart features and parts like the rear bumper mounted sensor that tells you when you are ready to back into an object, so you can stop before you hit it.

Buy a Ford Transit Connect Today

Here at Swiss Vans, we have a wonderful customisation department to make the perfect bespoke Ford Van with all the Transit Connect Accessories you want. There are several convenient ways to pay for your van. Regardless of your budget, we have a financing method just for you. Come in today and talk to our staff to purchase one or a fleet of vans. All major cards and cash are accepted. We also have rental vans, lease to own, contract hire, or you can pay in full if you desire.

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