Electric Id Buzz Concept


CEO Carsten Intra: “Important contribution to future mobility and road safety in cities.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is making great progress in the production and implementation of autonomous driving. “We are setting a new course for the future of mobility with the confirmation of the group’s supervisory board for our exclusive Autonomous Driving R&D program”. Autonomous electric driving will make a great contribution to city mobility and road safety. 

After the Volkswagen Group’s Supervisory board meeting Carsten Intra the CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, discuss “why our vehicles are the logical first choice to apply to such system”. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is also currently preparing the introduction of autonomous systems for traffic use in 2025.

According to Christian Senger, Head of Autonomous Driving, this year, for the very first time, field trials are being conducting in Germany by using Agro Al’s self-driving system in a special version of the future ID. Buzz by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The main aim is to create a ride-hailing and pooling concept quite similar to MOIA’s current offering. By the middle of this decade, VW customers will be able to drive to their destination in automated vehicles in some selected cities. 

As a part of their collaboration, both Ford motor company and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have invested equally in Argo Al, a company that specialises in software platforms for autonomous driving.  The main aim is to build and use an autonomous system in a timely manner. Volkswagen has also brought its subsidiary AID (Autonomous Intelligent Driving) into Argo AL.In addition to an initial investment of one billion US dollars. With the supervisory Board’s approval of the budget for autonomous driving, VWCV is now taking another major step forward towards the future of automation mobility. 

The commercial vehicle brand is also responsible for developing a fully autonomous system and commercialising them in cities. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) such as Robo-cabs and vans will be built and manufactured by VWCV.

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