New VW Transporter T6.1 Sportline Presented by VW for 2021

New VW Transporter Sportline T6.1 2021

New VW Transporter T6.1 Sportline Presented by VW for 2021

The Transporter Sportline has been added to Volkswagen’s renowned panel van and kombi van 2021 lineups. Keep reading to learn about the new features of the van.

The new Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Sportline is a van that looks just as good as a sports car. 

A red grille strip, LED headlights, a special front bumper, gloss black 18″ alloy wheels fitted with premium 255/45 R18 tyres, lighted sidebar, and a spoiler for the back of a tailgate characterise the Sportline.

The Transporter has a highly pronounced body kit in the van Volkswagen. The set includes an up-front beefed bumper with a grille strip, long side skirts, a special back bumper and a roof mounting spoiler.

Volkswagen also reduced the ride height of the car and equipped it with a set of gloss black alloy rollers. The van is available in a number of colours, including Red, Blue, Copper, Bronze or Grey.

The cabin has also been redesigned with luxurious Nappa leather and suede trim and a special Sportline logo. A luxury feeling is given due to the doors, which are heated internally with the front seats and the Nappa Leather with suede covering.

Digital gauge-cluster is provided, including DAB-Radio, automatic air-conditioning, front windshield heating and Discover Media Navigation system. A rearview camera, adaptive cruise controls with city emergency braking, front and rear station sensors, as well as an anti-theft alert system are standard features.

In addition to new wheels, the Eibach Coilover suspension, black edition decals, Kombi models’ rear window tint and a Sportline gift box are also included.

This new styling package has proper equipment and is available in short- or long-wheelbase variants for both panel van and Kombi models.

The brand new turbocharged diesel engine is equipped with 204 PS and a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission, which will power every Sportline and Sportline Black Edition. These features mean that the engine of the van is guaranteed to provide satisfactory results.

As a result of these features, performance matches the sporty looks, as shown by a time of almost 9 seconds from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h). The top speed of almost 130 mph (205 km/h) is also very respectable.

Overall, the VW Transporter Sportline resembles a van straight out of the GTA 5 game. It lives up to the potential of its predecessors and is a fantastic van for personal or commercial use.


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