100 Stock Vans at Last, Hooray!

Ford Transit Custom Raptor Style Red Grille

100 Stock Vans at Last, Hooray!

We can’t deny that it has been both a challenging and a fantastic year for us at Swiss Vans. We’ve never sold so many vans in one year in our twenty years in business as we have in 2021, but stock has been tremendously difficult to locate. Factories have shut down, suppliers have been isolated due to Covid. You name it, it’s happened; they’ve closed for weeks or months, and this has led to a global backlog in orders.

It’s not been uncommon to hear of lead times of twelve or even sixteen months with some manufacturers. Used vans of up to four years old have been commanding higher prices than they were sold for as new. There are horror stories of people who have sold their used work vans only to find they cannot replace them, and they now have to work from small family cars!

But at last, we have some good news on supply!

August 2021

Up to 100 Ford Transit Custom Panel Vans are bound for Swiss Vans in August of this very year. We have been reliably informed that some of our vans will be in the first batch to exit the factory, finally reopen after so long closed. We want to share this with you now so that you can get your orders placed in time; in a good week, we sell 50 Transit Customs, so these 100 vans are just two weeks’ supply for a normal month. Some vehicles may well have extras and be more expensive, so it’s really first come, first served to get what you want. 

Double Cab Conversions 

There is unlikely to be any production of the Transit Custom Double Cab (DCiV) in 2021, however we can convert panel vans if it’s a double cab that you need. Actually, we’re sure that our conversions look better and fresher than the factory finish anyway, since ours are carpeted. You can see some photos below. We leave the bulkhead at roughly 1/4 height in order to facilitate the attachment of “tablet holders” for children. We can fit also fit a broadband module to this quarter-height bulkhead that will provide data for the two tablets.

Get Your Orders In!

If you’ve been desperate to lease a Ford Transit Custom, this may be your lucky day. Give us a call at Swiss now to reserve yours and discuss options, mods, and extras. August is right around the corner, so you won’t have long to wait before you’re on the road at last.

Custom Panel Vans

Black, Grey, Silver, White: a range of colours available as first come, first served.
£259 +VAT

Custom Colours

Custom-colour grilles from £10 a month..
£10 +VAT

WASP and Hornet Upgrades

Full range of WASP, Hornet, Hornet 2, and WASP ICE Upgrades.

Upgrade to Double Cab

Carpeted Double-Cab Conversions from £88 per month extra. The cost here is higher as this retains the final payment of a panel van. 
Add WiFi for the kids’ tablets – £POA 
£88 +VAT

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