Ford’s Best-Selling, Ranger Pick-Up, Now comes in Conversion-Ready Chassis Cab Model

Ford’s Best-Selling, Ranger Pick-Up, Now comes in Conversion-Ready Chassis Cab Model

For the first time in the history of Ranger Pick-Up, Ford has released a new Chassis Cab version of the automotive. This has allowed the customers to customize the vehicle more to their tastes and requirements. Ford Ranger has received the International Pick-up Award for the year 2020 and has also been Europe’s best-selling pick-up.

A Robust Pick-up Automotive

The best feature of this performing vehicle is its powerful and durable performance. With the addition of chassis features, it will receive more rear leaf spring suspension along with an extra flat rear surface. This large base can be used for building or attaching a strong and heavy-load carrier. 

This will give the vehicle around 3,270kg vehicle mass, which can enhance its delivery to a great extent. The single cab structure of the pick-up helps in getting the best of rear carrier space. Even though it will perform well in normal terrains, the lower ground clearance and wading depth can be a problem. Challenging and more rocky roads can affect the performance of the vehicle. 

Expert Support & Making

The European network of Ford, which builds QVM converters, has offered their expertise for the same. They had to create a flawless automobile that fits the Ford standards and keeps the product safe. Therefore, by working with the QVM specialists, the brand came up with the idea to optimize the Ranger Pick-Up.

By adding a chassis cab back, the vehicle will be able to adapt different conversions like tippers, box bodies, and cherry pickers. Moreover, the pick-up design is authorized and approved by both Ford and QVM makers. Giving the automotive buyer a double-assurance of performance and quality. 

Moreover, customers can also get the vehicle customized by choosing from the Ford Special Vehicle Options. This includes equipping high-performance batteries, trailer tow electrical connector, and more as per your requirements. Also, Ford’s Body, Equipment, and Mounting Manual offered with the vehicle will provide all information one needs to modify and manage the chassis. Ford Ranger Lease

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