Ford Transit Custom WASP VIDEO

Ford Transit Custom WASP

Ford Transit Custom WASP VIDEO

Ford Transit Custom WASP with “Raptor style” grille and black roof upgrade.

We at Swiss Vans are delighted to show you our latest creation. In our opinion, it’s a mighty fine van, but then we would say that! 

This gorgeous Ford Transit Custom DCiV WASP has an upgraded black roof (painted) and a grille in the Raptor style: a couple of little extras beyond our normal WASP kit just to make this one even more special. 

It also, like all of our Modified Transit Custom Lease WASPs, comes with 18 inch alloys, a front splitter, rear spoiler, and stylish sidebars.

We have a large number of Ford Transit Custom Panel Vans arriving into stock August/September. Reserve yours today!

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Transit Customs are like gold dust at the moment, so you might wonder why we’re suddenly tempting you with the prospect of a customised one like this. We know that people are struggling to get hold of new vans across the country, but at Swiss, we can make it easy. We’ve got around 300 Transit Custom Panel Vans to lease — yes, you read that number right — in various configurations due in with us in August / September, so whether you’re after an L1 or L2, manual or automatic, we’ve got you covered. 

We can apply our exclusive WASP upgrade to the Transit Custom of your choice with or without the extras shown on this lovely van. And if you like the black-painted roof, consider our WASP ICE kit. That comes with the black roof as standard, and it also features a different style splitter to the standard WASP. 

If you’ve been trying in vain to find a Ford Transit Custom panel van, or you’re as taken with this fantastic WASP as we are, give us a call at Swiss today to place your order. You won’t regret it! Ford Vans are great

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