Check This Awesome Leather – VW Transporter Kombi Upgrade

VW Transporter Custom Leather

Check This Awesome Leather – VW Transporter Kombi Upgrade

If you love a smart leather and LED interior van this inside van upgrade may interest you. Maybe you love the look of van leather/LED interiors but need an idea on cost before taking the plunge. 

Guaranteed, 9 times out of 10 you will be surprised at the bang for your buck you get and how easy it is. The result is stunning and the monthly fee low.

The below example is a base van VW Transporter Highline Kombi with WASP pack. This one comprises full leather interior and matching Alcantara loading area, honeycomb door inserts and LED interior lighting. It was a bit more unusual for its leather door panelling, most don’t have this.

This kind of project project costs £100 extra a month (plus VAT) on the client’s package and will last them the lifetime of the van and puts value on it. 

Most vans are available with leather upgrade options, and all upgrades come with 1-year guarantees (you can upgrade to 3). Usually, an interior upgrade is easy to achieve and gets you your perfect van interior. Many VW Transporter Kombis get converted to WASPHORNET or ABT vans.

Let’s Talk

Our team of sales experts is here to talk you through your options on your leather seating and LED light interior upgrades. A typical upgrade costs £100 per month plus VAT on top of your current package. 

Swiss Vans only sell high-quality vans and with 20+ years’ experience in van sales and lease hires, you’re in safe hands. With a workshop, free delivery, and affordable monthly payments, we can help you customise your van to the style you love, that is unique to you.

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