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Volkswagen is appealing to 1.2 million van drivers to get safety checks

The exemption from MOT testing, that was first put in place in April due to COVID-19, is ending on August 1. The brand is encouraging van drivers to get their vehicles checked and repaired, before the exemption lifts on August 1. As per the analysis of Volkswagen Commercial vehicles, nearly 1.2 million vans have missed-out on their scheduled MOT testing, during these four months. This analysis is based on historical MOT test figures, that also indicates that almost 1/3rd of these vehicles are expected to not clear the roadworthiness test.

Some vehicles could qualify as road worthless

Furthermore, even the remaining 400,000 vans, that would qualify the roadworthiness test, are also not in a very good condition. Likely, these vehicles are also in dire need of professional repair and maintenance, to address problems pertaining to lighting, suspension, and brakes. On average, it takes around £143 to repair a vehicle that has failed the roadworthiness test. This means that Van drivers, collectively, will be incurring an estimated MOT repair bill of whooping £54 million, to make these vehicles safe enough to be driven on roads.

Exemption ends soon

With the ending of the exemption on August 1, the drivers, once again would be required to follow the pre-decided schedule of MOT testing. However, those who were supposed to appear for the MOT test in April, are not required to take the test and pay for ensuing repairs till as far as October. This means that vans with potential defects and low roadworthiness would be freely running on roads for the coming months, putting people’s lives in danger.

VW Opinion

In the opinion of the head of Aftersales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Mr David Hanna, even though the MOT exemption was essential to enable the uninterrupted working of van drivers during the lockdown, the probe by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has brought forward some worrying information.

VW took an initiative

Given the number of on-road vehicles that are operating in an unfit condition, Volkswagen has decided to take an initiative to help van drivers with the MOT expenses, encouraging them to get safety checks and repairs. As part of its Working With You promise, the brand has decided to include MOT test fees in servicing plans and offer zero per cent finance on vehicle servicing and repairs. Encouraging drivers to get a vehicle condition check at the Volkswagen Van centre, the brand is urging drivers to capitalise on the fact that they can book an MOT test a month before expiry and still will be able to retain the anniversary of the expiry date. The aim behind this policy is to enable standardisation and repair of as many vans as possible, in the shortest amount of time.

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