VW Seat Protection Covers


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Aimed to make buying protection accessories uncomplicated and effortless, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has introduced new protection accessories. The five new protection packs will be including real bumper covers, rubber floor mats and waterproof seat covers.

These protection add-on are interposed as an effort from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to make it easier for the customers to protect their vans from the everyday dilapidation. Also, they have the opportunity to intensify their vehicles in just a single purchase.

Liz Richardson, the Accessories and Product Manager of Volkswagen explained the importance of these protection accessories. He said that the company understands that any customer who uses their van either for business or pleasure, are likely to face the problem of daily wear and tear. He further added that the new combined packages that the company is offering would make it easier and simpler for the customers to enhance their vehicles.

The new protection packs are accessible for both new and used vehicles, also including the latest Transporter T6.1.These packs are provided across the range of Transporter, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok models. In order to meet the needs of the two different seat configurations (single driver and passenger, or driver and twin passenger) the transporter vans come with two packs.

As mentioned earlier, each pack contains rubber floor mats, rear bumper covers and front waterproof seat covers. The accessories are available ranging from £153 for Transporter T6.1, £157 for Caddy, £165 for Transporter, £196 for Amarok and £205 for Crafter.

These new protection accessories introduced by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles aim at making rides efficient and painless for its customers. This new introduction can prove to be a blessing in disguise for both new and old vehicles.

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