Vauxhall Wins 3 Awards At Parkers 2021 New Car Awards

Vauxhall Wins 3 Awards At Parkers 2021 New Car Awards

The announcement of Parkers 2021 New Car Awards has come out as a treat for Vauxhall. The company has claimed hattrick at the event. Three of its models are announced the winners under their respected categories. Vauxhall Wins 3 Awards in the Combo Cargo, Vivaro-E, and Vauxhall’s Finance positions in the awards held by the Parkers group.

Three Reasons For Celebration At Vauxhalls

The awards were announced in Luton, England, and out of 15 categories, Vauxhall Van has gained superiority in three categories. The award for Best Small Van has been given to Combo Cargo by Vauxhall. Apart from that, an award for Best Electrification Van has been given to Vauxhall Vivaro-e.  Vauxhall also won the award of New Car Finance at 2021 Parkers awards for its exclusive offers on cars and vans. The category of best electrification van has been a new addition to the list of categories this year. The Van & Pickup editor, CJ Hubbard states, Vauxhall Combo was a definite winner, thanks to its convenient driving experience and peaceful appeal. Along with that, he mentioned the impressive capacity of carrying payload makes it one of the certain choices. He stated that Vauxhall’s Combo Cargo deserved to win the award as it is a brilliant small van. He added that the low cost of maintenance and multiple tech-additions also boasts its quality.

The Editor at Parkers, Keith Adams state, Combo Cargo is tough, equipped with comfort, and is certainly low-cost- this is why it’s a hit among van drivers. He stated that the automobile has inclusive excellence, which is why it is appreciated by them.

The Show Stoppers by Vauxhall 

Under the LCV electrification program by Vauxhall, the company has launched Vivaro-e, which is an electric van. The automobile model is highly praised for its exclusive load capacity and extensive no-emissions range of driving. To this, CJ Hubbard stated that Vivaro-e is the game-changer in the show. It offers a better capacity of payload against its competitors extending diesel vans. The Vivaro-e vans provide a battery charge of 200 miles on a single charge. This makes it a cost-effective alternative along with a cheap buying option. He added that Vauxhall’s Vivaro-e is establishing records in the field of electrified vans and hence should be given this award.

The award of Best New Car Finance has been received by Vauxhall above major competitors like Volvo and Renault. The reason for this is the deals at 0% APR and zero deposits. Considering this decision, the Finance editor at Parkers, Murray Scullion stated that 0% APR and zero deposits are major finance deals in the industry and accurate implementation of both by Vauxhall in its van and car financing range is an explicit reason for their win. Along with that, the company offers an option to avoid any payments in the initial 3 months of the agreement. He added that offers by Vauxhall are unusual and rarely found among car manufacturers. This is the reason why Corsa is their best selling car and claims such a significant award.

According to Keith Adams, the car buyers in the UK are quite fond of deals and presently, Vauxhall has some exclusive ones. The finance options offering potential value and security at the same time are certainly crucial and this is the reason Vauxhall has claimed the prizes.

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