Mercedes-Benz V Class


After premiering in 2019, the Mercedes Benz V Class MPV got a new design with various new assisting systems and a new diesel engine, 9g-Tronic automatic transmission and an MBUX multimedia system. The latest addition to the new modifications is the best part of the update: AIRMATIC air suspension system.

The AIRMATIC air suspension system has various advantages like comfort while driving, 

  • controlled noise levels 
  • speed control in high terrains and hilly roads and 
  • various drive programs that suit various driving styles which personalizes comfort and experience. 


The AIRMATIC is the best air suspension system which considers a range of road conditions. The AIRMATIC air suspension system provides comfort in all kinds of terrain like high mountain roads and plain lowlands. It also holds heavy load which often affects the comfort of the drive. This is also complemented by damping control. The two separate frequency dependent valves assist in this dampening control. 

There are various drive programs which control the style of driving. This can be done with the dynamic select. The manual program and the comfort program keep the speed at a maximum of 110 km/hr. the suspension is lowered when the speed exceeds the limit. There is also a sports program which allows the suspension to lower by 10 mm. 35 mm is lifted in the suspension in the lift program and the speed is up to 30 km/h for rocky and high terrain. 

The pneumatic level control is automatic and works irrespective of the load in the vehicle, that allows comfort and stability. 

The AIRMATIC air suspension is not only available for the V Class chassis but also the EQV, Vito tourer and eVITO tourer. It is also available in the Marco Polo camper and Mercedes Benz leisure family van.

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