New Toyota Hilux Front Bumper


Toyota Hilux has perfected every endeavour, from venturing through the world’s most adverse environmental conditions to hailing the toughest ranges. It has revved past the most challenging conditions behind. The path that it beholds is already well-paved, and all thanks to the new, more powerful engine with detailed technical updates and a chiselled, quintessential contemporary design which is a perfect embodiment of performance and style. 

The new reformed Hilux is much more than a reliable motor multi passenger vehicle offering comfort, efficiency and speed. It can handle all the entailing off-road congenial for both business and leisure. It also assures placid on-road experience with impressive safety and comfort. 

The All New Look

The new Hilux has a more accentuated new look and is equipped with three-  dimensional grille and bumper. This adds to the essence of the vehicle’s road bearing. 

Adorned with new LED headlights and rear light clusters, along with 18-inch alloy wheels, the Invincible and the Invincible X are sure to leave a prominent mark on your heart and your mind, providing you with the best experience. 

The New turbo diesel engine

The addition of the new 2.8 litre engine to Hilux has not only boosted its power but also added to its efficiency, with a splendid uplift in performance and quality. 

This magnificent turbo diesel engine is fitted to the Invincible X and also obtainable for Invincible. The production of the 2.8 litre unit is 53bhp/40kW than the 2.4 litre unit. 

The Advanced and Zestful Upgrade

Toyota constantly tries to best itself. As a vehicle serving both as a tireless worker as well as leisure transport, it becomes essential to maintain the correct balance between a comfy ride and an irregular road. With the introduction of changes to its suspension which facilitates smoother on-road experience even when traveling on abrupt surfaces, Toyota has made an effort in achieving this balance. 

From the updating of the new leaf springs to the introduction of new bushes to the modulation of shock absorbers, the new Toyota Hilux is all set to give you a thrilling riding experience along with wonderful control while driving.

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