Pure Grey VW Transporter T6.1 Kombi

Just a little Kombiin pure grey thats heading out today
Aero Alloys in 18 inch . No Spoiler yet but we have

WASP 2 finished just waiting to fit to the first van
WASP 3 September
Check out the VW Transporter Highline Pure Grey Specificaton here

2 Replies to “Pure Grey VW Transporter T6.1 Kombi”

  1. David Tuffin


    Hi I am sole trader I am looking to buy a new van ideally your ford transit wasp or the vw transporter i would look to put cost through business and I would look to buy the van at the end of the deal whatever that is for personal use . What would be best for me to do this I would ideally like to have a balloon payment in the end just to keep the monthly payments down and over longest term possible thanks David

    1. Ian Hill


      Sure give us a call !
      We would need the CIA to track you from leaving a comment

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