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Now that there has been a considerable relief from the novel coronavirus and after months of sitting at home, as the world has stepped foot on the reset button and everyone is ready to hit the roads again, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles yearns the motorists to understand and cooperate with van drivers and treat them appropriately on roads.

A Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Survey in December 2019 with a thousand UK van drivers revealed the biggest irritation faced by van drivers while driving on roads.

  • Researches suggest that about a third (or 31%) of van drivers reported the issue of not being left sufficient room on compact roads making this their biggest annoyance of all.
  • Around 30% van drivers face the issue of not being left enough parking capacity by fellow drivers, making this as their second biggest irritation, alongside not being let out in traffic.
  • Cyclists coming along their sides at a junction and being cut up at roundabouts is considered as a gaffe by 26% of the can drivers.
  • A further of 23% reported the annoyance caused by motorists seated in their blind spot. In order to solve this issue, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles came up with the Lane Change Assist, a Side Scan to aid in blind spot monitoring.
  • Other 23% of van drivers had the complain of tailgating in their list. Also, reports suggest that tailgating is one of the most common cause of van accidents on the roads of UK, resulting in about 10 injuries every week. Rear view cameras are installed in order to prevent tailgating incidents and helping in parking.
  • There were also van drivers with the complain of getting trapped in yellow boxes due to cars braking in front of them and about 11% that complaint of no injustice. Apart from these major problems, some of the van drivers listed other issues.

The van drivers had been at work even at the time of lockdown. Now, after the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles takes the initiative to remind all the road users to be considerate about your fellow road users and treat safety as the first priority while driving. 

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