Ford Transit Custom Sport WASP Sale

Ford Transit Custom Sport WASP Sale

We have approximatly 100 Sport WASP Panel vans on an affordable deal
Prices from last year. Its a saving of about £40 a month

Custom Ltd Lease

£2500 down 59 x £209 plus £6999 final payment
Low final payment

Double Cab Upgrade

6 seats and a great drive
Limited model
£2500 down 59 x £259 month £7500 final payment

WASP Upgrade

Give it the Sporty Look
£242 month Panel van

Hornet add

As WASP but a full body kit
  • All vans pre registered so you will be second owner
  • WASP Pack is
    18 inch alloys
    Front splitter
    Rear splitter
    Side bars
  • Optional Upgrade to Hornet which is a differnt style of bodykit but this requires more preparation
    Hornet £77 a month over Limited
    The Hornet is modular thus you can buy simply the front splitter to save on price
  • Delivery might not be free on all stock please ask
  • Options Leather 5 seats £25 a month
    Metallic £10 a month
    RFL invoiced separately
  • Reversing camera £9 a month
  • Ply lining on a van £4 a month

5 thoughts on “Ford Transit Custom Sport WASP Sale”

  1. Hi I’m interested in finding out more about a transit wasp. Am I right in saying it’s £2500 deposit and then £242 per month for 5 years and a final payment of £6999?

    What reg is this for please?
    Is this the only lease option you have available?
    Do you have any shorter term deals?

  2. Your website is rubbish, ive been going round in circles for 20mins trying to work out if you actually sell vans or just lease them, have a look at arnie clarks site thats how easy it should be, nice vans though even if they are just photos.

    1. Yes we sell vans, but dealers complain to Ford about our prices being too low so we can’t publish them. Example 2020 Plate Transit Custom Limited 130 Panel vans at £18999 plus VAT
      Bet Arnie won’t say “you will be back “

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