Ford Bringing Tech Advancements in Its Commercial Vehicles

Ford Bringing Tech Advancements in Its Commercial Vehicles

World-famous automobile manufacturer, Ford bringing tech advancements fostering better linkage among its commercial vehicles. They are planning to provide better support to their customers through this. Ford will be aiming to lead technological integration by maximizing up-time and enhancing productivity.

The feature also has a Pro app for smartphones, these will be provided to all commercial Ford customers as a complimentary service in Europe.

Ford Bringing Tech Advancements Services

Read about these service upgrades below in detail:

1. FordPass Connect

FordPass Connect can link your vehicle to the internet wirelessly. This provides users with the advantage of gaining OTA updates along with other app-connected services. This will include FordPass Pro connection, Ford Telematics integration, and other data services.

2. OTA Upgrades

With Over-the-Air upgrades, Ford can easily offer its commercial vehicle owners the latest features and service enhancements. Users can get these upgrades integrated into their vehicles by visiting their nearest Ford service centers or dealerships.

3. FordPass Pro Guard Mode

Once you get yourself the FordPass Pro app, you can have access to one of its best sub-services called Guard Mode. This will help the consumers of getting real-time updates on driver locations and alerts. The owners will be able to monitor security breaches in the vehicles as well.

4. SYNC 3 & AppLink

Ford has introduced another amazing feature titled SYNC 3. This will permit the users to gain access to applications that have the potential of increasing productivity on the go. SYNC 3 also has an AppLink system; these are entertainment and communication systems for the driver or user. These features will help the drivers to interact with the apps on their smartphones through the large screen display. You will also get intuitive voice commanding access to these services, making communication safer and easier.

FordPass Connect modem will now be included in seven root automobiles of Ford’s commercial range. These will cover Ford Ranger, Ford Transit, and Transit Custom. With FordPass Connect services, the users will have better control over production; accessing multiple features will be highly convenient. 

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