Electric VW ABT E-Transporter- A New Service Plan By Volkswagen

Electric VW ABT E-Transporter- A New Service Plan By Volkswagen

Volkswagen has recently come up with a new service plan for the electric VW ABT E-Transporter, making it a milestone for the iconic van.

The Transporters is a well-recognized commercial vehicle that has been provided for eight decades by Volkswagen. Now, this VW Transporter T6.1 has been revamped in the form of an electric, zero-emission vehicle.

e-Transporter is Made To be Versatile

The new service plan of e-Transporter aims to bring additional peace of mind to the buyers. Priced at £399, it covers three services which namely brake fluid change, one MOT, and a pollen filter replacement. In addition, the transporter features an annual service schedule of every 24,900 miles along with an extended inspection after every 3 years.

Impressive Capacity

The e-Transporter is not only notable for its load capacity, but its battery system is also remarkable. With an electric range of up to 82 miles, the e-Transporter equips one of the latest and most advanced batteries powered vans to hit the current market. This new feature provides low running costs to the owners. Also, due to the limited moving parts of the electric powertrain, the overall maintenance cost of the e-Transporter reduces.

Quick Charging in 45 Minutes

The e-Transporter 6.1’s Combing Charging System (CCS) socket boasts both AC and DC charging. For DC charging, a Type 2 charging cable is presented with the van as standard. For AC charging, e-Transporter supports the power of up to 7.2kW.

For quick charging, the owner can reach up to 80% capacity in just 45 minutes with DC charging. Thanks to the inbuilt power meter which enables the owner to check the status of the battery.

David Hanna is the head of Aftersales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. According to him, their new bespoke service plan implies that SMEs, fleet managers, and sole traders who opted to go green with their first electric van will enjoy great benefits.  They will benefit from its lower maintenance and servicing cost along with the on-road running cost.

Thanks to its iconic electric powertrain, the VW ABT E-Transporter is set free from road tax obligations and can employ London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, without any charge. Moreover, it also eligible for the plug-in car grant of the government.

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