Bookings for Peugeot E-Traveller, a No-emission Car, Open Now!

Bookings for Peugeot E-Traveller, a No-emission Car, Open Now!

Customers can now start placing their reservations for the much-awaited electric minibus by Peugeot e-Traveller. It is completely electric and comes with upgraded features from the brand’s Traveller range. The expected showroom appearance will be by 2021 in the United Kingdom. 

This newest member of the Peugeot’s Traveller family sports a 136hp electric motor along with a 50kWh battery. The vehicle produces a torque of 260Nm and on 1-complete charge, it can cover 143-miles. To make this offer more intriguing for the buyers, the brand has also packed a 100,000 mile or 8-year warranty. 

Features of Peugeot e-Traveller

The e-Traveller has 3 different driving modes, these are Power, Eco, and Normal. Drivers can change the settings as per their preference to make the overall journey more enjoyable. It also has a quick-charge feature, one can get it 80% charge with half-hour. The deal will also cover a Polar subscription for 6-months, this will get the owners access to around 7,000 community charging points. 

Moreover, the vehicle is designed with two different body lengths, Long & Standard; you can choose as per your requirements. Peugeot e-Traveller can easily accommodate 8 passengers and the third and second-row seats can be removed when needed. It has a 4,900 liters loadspace along with an impressive trunk capacity. 

The automobile also has a Twin-sliding back door, 17-inch wheels, Cruise Control, and Rear Parking Sensors. For the interior, Peugeot has integrated Apple CarPlay and a 7-inch Mirror Screen, with color and touch features. 

Making Reservations

This is the perfect wagon for environmentally-conscious individuals who like to ensure minimal harmful gas emission. With e-Traveller, one can have a completely electric vehicle that generates no emission. If you wish to book the vehicle now, then Peugeot has opened the reservation option for the buyers.

The brand requests for an advance £250 deposit, this should be paid in one transaction and is a completely refundable amount. Furthermore, the car and its predecessors are available in Allure and Active trims. This upgrade has been done for the 2021 series of Peugeot Traveller. The complete price of the vehicle will start from £37,430. 

Peugeot’s Managing Director, David Peel, says that e-Traveller is the future of electric vehicles. He further added that the brand is also planning to create an electric variant for its complete model range. 

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