70 Year of Bulli to Sofie

70 Year of Bulli to Sofie

History of Bulli to Sofie

Since it’s first production on March 8th 1950, Bulli, the type 2 Volkswagen Transporter became commercial traders’ favorite in no time. Produced in Wolfsburg, this blue dove panel van with chassis number 20-1880 is the oldest and most cherished and most cherished member of VW commercial vehicles collection.

Since August 5th 1950, Bulli ran on the streets of Hildesheim to deliver commercial goods from A to B for the following 23 years. In 1973, Bulli was sold to a collector. For next nineteen years Bulli jumped from one collector to another enjoying it’s untimely retirement. Bulli’s last custodian decided to sell the van as well and put a advertisement in ‘Brezelfenstervereinigung e.V.’ fan club. Lack of photo advertisements were against the owner’s favor and he had to advertise Bulli on multiple platforms.

At last a buyer named Dane Tonny L. called the owner and decided to buy Bulli due to it’s lowest chassis number known in Bulli community.

Hola Sofie

After getting his hands on the van, Dane renamed Bulli to Sofie after the first ever T1 in Denmark. Being off road for almost 20 years did take a toll on Bulli and all it’s essential parts had to be replaced at the young age of 42.

Tonny ran a three year long transformation program for Sofie from 2000 to 2003 after which she was all ready to glide over the smooth roads. Tonny travelled with Bulli for over 20.000 kilometers in Europe before realizing they were both turning old. In 2014, Tonny brought Sofie back to her hometown Hannover where she became a respected member of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles collection.

Recently on 5th August, Bulli celebrated her 70th birthday with friends. It’s in the air that Bulli had a cake and she never looked happier.

Dates and Numbers

  • Year of manufacture: 1950 Color: Dove Blue L 31 Chassis number: 20-1880
  • Engine: Rear air-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine Top speed: 80 km/h at 3,300 rpm
  • Engine capacity: 1,131 cc Unladen weight: 990 kg Payload: 760 kg
  • Power: 18 kW / 25 PS at 3,300 rpm
  • Dimensions: Length 4,100 mm x width 1,700 mm x height 1,900 mm

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