vw transporter highline kombi WASP red edition

VW Transporter Highline Kombi WASP Red Edition

Ask a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts which is the best colour for a VW Transporter, and there will never be a consensus.

However, every now and then, one comes along that people can appreciate, even if it’s not the colour they would choose.

One such color is the Red Edition WASP.

If you are looking for a VW Transporter to stand out, Red is certainly one of those colours, add to it, the Wheel and Styling Package (WASP) and it really does look the part!

What is a ‘VW Transporter WASP?’

It’s a question we get asked regularly..

Essentially we take a stock van and ‘pimp’ it up, we add front bumper/splitter, side bars, spoilers, and a set of alloys, final upgrade the interior to a full leather spec.

Over the years the look of the WASP has changed to match the model of the Transporter, from the T4 to the latest version T6.

You really can build you own spec van, to suit your personal taste and/or spec out your ideal business van.

RED WASP Edition.

So what does that all look like on a Volkswagen Transporter.

Below are some photo’s of a recent client van. it literally is specc’d to the max and includes:

  • Full WASP pack with black sidebars
  • Wolfrace Alloys – Assasins 18″
  • Bespoke black red leather interior
  • Additional Bulkhead

Below we highlight those options, please note for a full breakdown we always recommend speaking to one of our specialists.

WASP Bumper/Splitter.

vw transporter kombi WASP red edition

Model shown contains the standard WASP bumper/splitter

Additional options available:

  • Sportline
  • ABT

WASP Sidebars

These come in two flavours, chrome and black.

vw transporter kombi WASP red edition sidebar

WASP Spoiler.

There are two versions to choose from the current WASP spoiler (shown in image) or the Sportline model.

vw transporter kombi WASP red edition sidebar


We have a wide range of Alloys, and recommend 18″ Alloys.

vw transporter kombi WASP red edition sidebar

Alloys shown – Wolfrace Assassins 18″

WASP Interior

The standard leather interior is black with cross stitching, however for those who wish to go bespoke we offer a customisation service, simply speak to one of our specialists, an example of this is shown below:

vw transporter highline kombi WASP red edition

CALL: 01656 837 493

2 thoughts on “VW Transporter Highline Kombi WASP Red Edition”

  1. Love this van.
    How much deposit and pcm payment including VAT.
    Would be looking to convert into a camper van at some point and keep long term, would be for personal use.
    Also could you convert van with soundproofing and a rock and roll bed as a part camper van???

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