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Engine Remapping

Engine Remapping

Engine Remapping at Swiss Vans.

Engine Remapping

Pendle Engine Remapping Bridgend South Wales.
Pendle is the UK’s Number One Remapping Brand.

Typically you get a massive increase in power and torque. Get a remap on the  Ford Ranger Raptor

Far less gear changing thats the Finance Deals 

The remapp is safe and guaranteed or 10 years.

We will reinstall if you have have your software updated by VW due to a routine update which is rare.

Cost is typically £345 plus VAT and takes 1 – 2 hours in a  while you wait service.

This is a customised Remapp.
We save a log of your vehicle software before sending it electronically across to a human who will custom the map to your vehicle.
This means it suits any vehicle from old to new.

Engine Remapping Engine Remapping Engine Remapping Engine Remapping



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