VW T5 Multivan Converts to a 355 HP Sports Van

VW T5 Multivan Converts to a 355 HP Sports Van

MTM (Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH) can turn any standard 2.0 TSI VW T5 Multivan Comfortline into a smokin’, speeding 355 HP sports van in less than a day (21 hours) for  £15,384.27 (€21,250). The price is for parts and labor and is exclusive of the van itself (of course!).

The MTM 400, as this package is dubbed, converts a standard 201hp, 2.0 litre petrol-powered VW T5 Multivan into a 355 HP sports van by equipping it with a brand new ECU (engine control unit, a comprehensive exhaust system and powerful turbocharger for a boosted-up output of 355hp (360ps) and 465Nm.

The modified T5 is fitted with the proprietary VW 4Motion all-wheel drive system and a 7-speed clutch gearbox .These changes power the T5 from 0 to 100km/h in 6.0 seconds flat -hitting the speedometer at 200km/h in 30.6 second with a top speed over 230km/h.

The T5’s chassis is fully-upgraded with an air-suspension, larger 6-piston fixed caliper braking system apt for the front axle. The 20-inch alloy wheel by Bimoto is suitably fitted with a Michelin SuperSports (235/35 ZR20).
Take a look at the converted VW T5 Multivan.

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