Christmas vans

Christmas is just around the corner! And during this “most wonderful time of the year”,  the want to spread festive cheer is alive and kicking.

For many years now, Christmas Season in the UK does not start until Coca Cola Christmas trucks hit the roads and appear on TV ads. The arrival of the Christmas van signals the arrival of Christmas season. This year, it has been reported that there are 46 locations of the Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour.

Christmas vans

A very Christmas-committed man in Merseyside has been spreading ‘joy” to residents as he displays the number of days left before Christmas Day.  The locals’ reactions are positive as the countdown reminder inevitably brings a smile to their faces.   This unnamed person so love the holiday season that on each December 25,  starts the countdown all over again at 365!  He might have to make changes to his Christmas day signage as 2016 is a leap year!

Christmas vans
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VW Christmas tree decors are the cutest thing! Here are some photos sourced from the internet.


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