Volkswagen Transporter Highline Kombi at Swiss Vans

Volkswagen Transporter Highline Kombi.

Volkswagen Transporter Highline Kombi at Swiss Vans

Swiss offer Lease Vans The Volkswagen Transporter T5 Highline Kombi 140  is now available on our flexible contract hire , typically 3- 6 months old and the flexible terms are ideal for those who need a reliable vehicle but may not need it long term.  As it is a non-status contract hire, this deal is also suited to those who struggle to get credit and a payment book is available for those who prefer to pay cash over the counter for there Transporter.

The Transporter has a high specification, perfect for those looking for maximum comfort with minimum commitment, and the agreement can be ended with just a months notice. There is a mileage allowance of 833 a month, and your Road Fund Licence and servicing is included making it hassle free. We also guarantee to swop your Transporter every year. Its cheaper than a finance lease deal on the same van


If you’re looking for a vehicle that will carry five people and a substantial amount of cargo in style, your options are fairly limited.

Estate cars work, but they’re a bit of a squeeze and won’t take heavier or awkward loads. A pick-up is an idea, but the open load area means waterproof cargo is required. Some may even consider a trailer, but the practicalities in running and storing one mean it’s not the best solution. This is where the Transporter Kombi comes in. It’s versatile, capable and it looks good too. They come with an optional Pioneer Satnav.


The Transporter Kombi  WASP is a comfortable, spacious and easy ride. There’s space for the entire team and seating is soft, comfortable and easily adjustable. With armrests for the driver (and passengers on some models) it sometimes feels like your not driving a Transporter, More like riding a ‘lazy-boy’ chair down the motorway!

So, is the VW Transporter Kombi the perfect crew van leasing or crew van contract hire deal for you? Put it this way, it’s stylish, flexible, well equipped, practical and refined. If that’s not good enough for you then you’re pretty much stumped! Ok, there’s a couple of little niggles but nothing major. Overall this really is a great van leasing deal

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