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The Volkswagen Transporter Sportline is undeniably one of the best vehicles in it’s class. It’s one of the most desired vehicles on the market and no wonder! Let’s have a look at some of the specs for this beast of a vehicle.
The alternative is the Ford Transit Custom Sport Double Cab.


Not only is the exterior strikingly classy  and gorgeous, but it is a highly reliable and efficient van, capable of reaching zero to 62 mph in just 10 seconds. It has an 80 litre lockable fuel tank, returning approximately 36 mpg which isn’t bad at all for a vehicle of it’s size and power.

The Transporter Sportline for sale is highly practical, featuring a sliding door on each side and a huge tailgate that hinges upwards. It’s very easy to get in and out, load and unload this vehicle. There is also plenty of room and an excellent payload allowance of 1,102 kilograms, which is ideal for storing all of your tools or transporting your cargo. The interior is so big that you can actually fit items as big as 9.3 metres in length. You could even sleep in it if you had to, and in fact, many VW Transporters are converted into campervans but not like the VW California Ocean.


Both the interior and the exterior of the T6 Sportline are very smart, giving you the brand image you’re looking for and giving you satisfaction in driving it for personal use. You can take pride in owning this vehicle. It is very reliable, capable of completing endless jobs and in most weather conditions.

The floor in the rear is padded to give you more knee room. The driver and passenger seats have airbags and all seats have three-point inertia reel seat belts.

As you can see, this vehicle is something special. If you’re interested in a VW Transporter Sportline Kombi lease.

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